Is Legit Or Not? – Ben

I contacted to consolidate my payday loans. I am concerned if they are legit or not. They advise closing my bank account so they can work with the creditor to settle my loans.trying to find out more info on them.


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5 thoughts on “Is Legit Or Not? – Ben”

  1. It is a scam, the payday loan companies will settle with you, just answer their calls. See if they can hold off for 30 days or so and most will. They will even eliminate any additional fees to get you back on track especially if you were great with your account in the past. I do suggest that you either skip a car note or a couple of credit card payments to get those loans paid off. Do not offer up more than you can pay at that time.

  2. A woman from this organization contacted me. She asked how many payday loans do I have on the internet and total. I refused to give her any information. So she explained that the company is a debt relief organization. I just need to give her my name (which she had), my address, phone number and bank account. In turn she would send me some documents via email. I kept refusing and she became more adamant, claiming she’s trying to help me. I hung up
    I’m convinced MyPayDay Relief is nothing more than a scam! If you’re feeling uneasy about them, listen to that warning!

  3. My personal experience is that debt relief companies do nothing that we ourselves can’t do, I too chose to go with a debt settlement company to work with my creditors to pay them back, all they did was ask me to stop paying all my debts while they waited long enough for them to be willing to negotiate, some of my creditors simply don’t work with those companies. So it destroyed my credit and didn’t resolve anything after 6 months of paying them.  If your going to not pay your creditors for 6 months to hopefully gain bargaining leverage I would keep that money yourself so you have something to work with later. In my opinion going with a law firm that offers debt settlement/bankruptcy options that might be the better way to go, they too can often settle your debt for .50 on the dollar.  ( however I believe you have to have the money to pay them ) Not sure tho. You can always find attorneys in your area that will give initial consultations for free.  Best of luck!

  4. Ben,

    You are working on a debt settlement plan. The idea is to force your lenders to accept less than you owe by refusing to make payments that are due.

    If the plan works, you may escape part of your debt. If it fails, you may face a judgment, garnishment of your wages and a long journey back.

    You should certainly check out this company (and any company you work with) with the Better Business Bureau, but the bigger decision is whether or not to pursue debt settlement. If you cannot pay off the debt any other way and you are willing to accept the consequences if it fails, this may be a good choice for you. However, I have never answered a question from a consumer who told a good story about experiences with debt settlement.

    Good Luck!  


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