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Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Not Happy With Alleged Poaching by CALG and CAPC


Yesterday I wrote a follow-up story about Consumer Affairs Law Center and Consumer Affairs Processing Center who sent a letter to a debt settlement client of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution instructing them to terminate their agreement with LHDR and move to Consumer Affairs Law Center. You can read the article here.

Jeffrey Aleman, an attorney with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution stated to me, “Legal Helpers Debt Resolution has no relationship with Consumer Affairs Law Center and has sent the attached cease and desist demand letter regarding this matter.

We have and will continue to aggressively pursue any company which seeks to harm or undermine LHDR’s relationship with its clients and the servicing of their legal needs.

We urge our clients to avoid falling victim to any false statements or deceptive business practices from our competitors or others.

We hope that they will contact their LHDR representative if they become aware of any suspicious activity at 1-800-464-9564.”

Apparently, as a result of the article LHDR has take action and sent the entities the letter below.

One thing appear clear in this current turmoil regarding Legal Helpers and its client transition, Mark Guidubaldi, the attorney representing LHDR, must be billing some hellacious hours.