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I wanted to bring you into the loop on some changes you will find on the site and how I think this will assist both the site and readers.

In the past the site has relief on it’s income from strictly Google Adsense advertising. You can read the site terms for a lengthy description of how things work.

For a limited period of time we even tried a self-service advertising model where people could purchase ads on the site directly. If the model had worked it would have meant more of the advertising revenue from this ads would have been received by the site to help fund our work, rather than given to Google. In short, the test was a bust and was discontinued.

It wasn’t until recently that we decided to ask for help with advertising again. But this time I wanted to make sure there was a clear delimitation between the advertising and editorial departments, just like at any news organization. In fact that’s the arms-length relationship we have with Google.

As a journalist I am constantly aware of making sure that reporting is not influenced by any ad that appears on the site. Advertisers should not get a pass when news and information that the public should be informed about is available. Ads don’t influence content.

So to deal with such arguments or concerns and try to launch advertising opportunities again I have asked Damon Day to be an independent advertising broker for the site. As such he will be responsible for relationships with advertisers and he will compensate the site for advertising sold. The site will not have any direct relationship with advertisers to protect the independent journalistic position.

If you are interested in advertising opportunities, click here.

Listings in the bankruptcy attorney directory will be for a fee but included attorneys will be evaluated before being listed.

This directory will give consumers the name of one bankruptcy attorney in their area that would like to be listed on the site as a caring, compassionate and friendly bankruptcy attorney who will provide a free consultation.

This directory should benefit attorneys listed, consumers, and the site so it seems like a great idea. Bankruptcy attorneys will benefit by being a single listing for their town, the site will benefit from additional revenue to continue our work, and consumers will benefit by having a link to a local bankruptcy attorney that wants to be on their side.

You can see the “bones” of the new directory here. Granted the directory is sparse right now, but hey, we just launched it.

If you are a bankruptcy attorney that would like to be listed, click here.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.

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