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Can I Get My Student Loans Discharged Since I Am Now a Full-Time Caregiver? – Joe

I am my father’s caregiver. He is permanently disabled and requires 24 hour care; he is paralyzed from a stroke and completely blind. We live together. I have power of attorney and his doctor is very sympathetic.

Can I get my student loans discharged?

Can a caregiver for a disabled person have their student loans discharged?


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  • nylord1

    What type of loans are they? private or federal?

  • Pandooora

    Many time you can get a forebarance but you can not get student loans dismissed.  I am totally dosabled and they gave me a longer time period to pay my loans but they had to be paid. 

    • Steve Rhode

      Are your loans private or government backed?

  • Greg P

    I’m not aware of any program that will forgive your student loans,
    however you would most likely qualify for the Income Bracket Reduction Plan or IBR.  That plan is
    based on your current income and expenses. If you can qualify for that your
    payment could be nothing for at least the first year. Every year
    after that it is reevaluated and as long as your income doesn’t increase
    your payment would remain at zero. Anything that isn’t paid back at
    the end of 25 years will be forgiven. Hope that helps you out buddy and I wish you the best of luck!

  • Jonathan C. Ginsberg

    At this point you can only discharge student loans if you can show “undue hardship.”  In my experience courts want to see a medical reason why you would not be able to pay your loans.  You may have an argument that your dependent (i.e. your father) has a medical condition that requires your presence and, thus, prevents you from working; however a bankruptcy judge might conclude that the condition that prevents you from working is not permanent as to you.

  • Writejewels

    To the best of my knowledge Student Loans are one of the debts that you can not get discharged especially if it is a federally funded loan. 

  • Msullivan


    I would not be optimistic. Although I have heard of a few people who have had student loans discharged in bankruptcy court due to health issues that made it impossible to earn a living, I have never heard of a case where loans where discharged due to a choice to care for someone else.

    Nevertheless, it won’t cost anything to ask your servicer and to go through the process so you might as well try.

    Good Luck!

  • Msullivan


    I wouldn’t be optimistic. I have heard of a few people who got student loans discharged in bankruptcy court due to physical considerations that made it impossible for them to earn a living but I have never heard of a discharge based on your circumstances.

    Of course you can make a request to your loan servicer and you probably should try, but I think you’ll need a different strategy.

    Good Luck!

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