Consumer Affairs Processing Center Responds to LHDR Recent Stories

I received the following statement from Dale Weikel from Consumer Affairs Processing Center in response to recent stories that involved CAPC. I’ll just let his words provide the update.

From Dale:

I just wanted to respond to the numerous accusations being thrown around your site and clarify some errors. I am Dale S. Weikel , the current and sole owner of Consumer Affairs Processing Center, Inc (CAPC). CAPC has been contractually obligated to service several thousand LHDR clients ever since 2009. Neither LHDR nor CAPC has a direct relationship with Consumer Affairs Law Center or Thomas Moore, Esq.

I am aware of Mr. Moore from previous dealings and perceive him to be a unique individual, specifically an attorney with integrity who actually cares about the client more than the fees being charged.

CAPC has endeavored to service LHDR clients to the best of its ability however, given the recent circumstances surrounding the numerous law suits against LHDR, creditors are reluctant to negotiate under the LHDR name , so I’m attempting to insure that as many clients as possible are taken care of. To that end I have convinced Mr. Moore to be a “life raft” for the LHDR clients.

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution clients are getting nervous with all these articles and uncertainty created by recent events chronicled on your site. Just like your articles on “Debt Settlement Life Raft Companies” and https://getoutofdebt.org//26800/if-your-debt-settlement-has-recently-failed-these-companies-are-offering-you-help-at-a-very-low-cost, I’m sure that there are dozens of companies willing to step up for nervous and scared clients who don’t want to stop mid-stream of their program, but also don’t want to continue with LHDR.

In the previous articles here, it looks like all third party LHDR service providers were unceremoniously and unexpectedly dumped, including all sales agents and front end companies. There are demands to back-ends from LHDR to not contact the clients, but clients tend to be persistent with wanting what they want no matter what someone says. Relationships and trust bonds are built between a client and an employee over the course of a 3 or 4 year program. Calls to the advisor and negotiator they’ve had for years discussing how that relationship has been interfered with are probably frustrating and heartbreaking for both parties.

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If a client wants to cancel LHDR altogether due to fear of what is happening, wouldn’t it make sense to give them an alternative choice? Especially, the ‘Life Raft Companies’ who will continue where they left off?

We’ll probably be seeing a lot of reports of LHDR clients looking for alternative companies to help them complete their programs.

When LHDR first approached us they represented that they were compliant in all 50 states and understood the debt resolution process. As demonstrated by the numerous lawsuits against them including one in their home state of Illinois they obviously misrepresented their capabilities. Furthermore their actions against their numerous business partners indicate to me that they appear to lack the integrity to honor contracts. I would not be able to sleep at night if I did not attempt to provide a way for the clients to be given the services for which they have paid. I might also mention that I will not be benefiting in anyway whether the clients transfer or not. My efforts as always are based on what I feel is best for the client.

As to the Cease and Desist request made by Horwood Marcus & Berk, to Consumer Affairs Law Center, Consumer Affairs Law Center has not poached any LHDR clients so the request directed at them is meaningless. CAPC is giving LHDR clients an option.

Dale S. Weikel

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6 thoughts on “Consumer Affairs Processing Center Responds to LHDR Recent Stories”

  1. Dale Weikel, Thomas Lynch, and all those other crooks at Consumer Affairs “Law” Center, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Lynch Financial Solution, Financial Solutions…..wait let me catch my breath and remember the other company names they used……..settle up with the poor clients you stiffed and give them their money back before you file bankruptcy.

  2. And the debt settlement industry continues to get s….. on it’s face. There are so many sides of wrong in this whole story that it reminds me of the old truths Dad used to say: when u start with s…. u end up with s…. , be careful who u go to bed with, etc. Amazing

  3. Posted this on a previous thread…..mentioning the Life-Raft is a pretty clever angle and a great way to justify soliciting LHDR clients, however; the companies participating in Steve’s “Life-Raft” all agreed to provide the service for $199 an account. This effort will truly help those who have fallen victim to LHDR and a true testament to your objectives would be for you to offer your “Life-Raft” for the same amount.  Please clarify because to continue to charge the huge upfront fees that LHDR charged but under a different name would be just as harmful to those consumers and it would be shameful to claim that you are soliciting LHDR’s clients in an effort to rescue them or call it a “Life-Raft”  Please be one of the good guys…..

  4. So you were a backend servicer for LHDR that then started sending clients to a different company? That sounds like a huge problem. Did LHDR terminate your services prior to you telling consumers able CALG?

  5. We know the show is over.

    Macey we know where you live, eat, get gas and where your significant other shops.

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.   We plan to make your life unpleasant.

    When you hit the store and outta nowhere some yells “There’s Macey, he robbed 20,000 americans with his sceme.”

    When your getting gasoline and we walk by and Key your Maybach we dare you even look twice. 

    Macey, no one protects those that have already been harmed.  We plan to change that.

    A good ass kicking is coming.  We will not rest until your lumped up and crying uncle.

    Your significant other should probably move as well.  Nothing worse than someone approaching your loved ones.  Makes sleeping alot more difficult.

    Also, if any of your cronies heads to the AFCC conference, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so don’t be a bitch come on out.

  6. Dale, your statements make sense and are logical.  However, even if Mr. Moore is the best lawyer in the world, how on earth can he contract with clients from states he is not licensed in?

    This unfortunately looks like an attempt by the boxed-out-processors to save their business by moving the clients to another attorney.

    My advice to all you processors/affiliates……

    Get into foreign exchange trading.  Much more money to be made.  What LHDR is doing is Madoff like as the processors/affiliates all lose their stored up value of the client revenue, but even if their arguments are based on fiction, the judges will side with them.


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