How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney In Your Area

It can be tough to find a good bankruptcy attorney. It is an unfortunate fact that some bankruptcy attorneys are not very honest in their dealings with clients. For this reason, you need to be careful to work only with a reputable bankruptcy attorney. The difference between a reputable bankruptcy attorney and a disreputable one is like the difference between night and day. The best way to go about finding a top-notch attorney to help you with filing for bankruptcy is to ask friends for personal recommendations, meet with several different attorneys and see if you can establish rapport with them, and only hire an attorney that has several satisfied clients.

Friends are a great source of recommendations about bankruptcy attorneys. Many people have gone through bankruptcy. Although most are too embarrassed to talk about it, at least one of your friends will probably be willing to discuss what their bankruptcy was like with you. If they can give you a recommendation for a bankruptcy attorney, you’ll be well on your way to finding an attorney that will work well with you. Bankruptcies can be personally draining, so it is really important that you find an attorney that is going to be empathetic and understanding.

Personal recommendations are always the best way to go about finding bankruptcy attorneys. If you can get a recommendation from someone you trust, so much the better. Unfortunately, television ads and ads in the Yellow Pages are not very trustworthy sources for recommendations on attorneys.

If none of your friends have gone through a bankruptcy and can’t give you any good recommendations for a bankruptcy attorney, your next best bet is to look for listings of bankruptcy attorneys online. Go through the listings carefully and see if you can find a lawyer that has the qualifications you need. Every bankruptcy situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. You need to be careful and make sure that you find an attorney that’s going to be able to help you with your individual situation.

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As you browse online for bankruptcy attorneys in your area, a good place to go is this directory. Also, LinkedIn is a great resource for professionals. The glut of graduates from law schools means there is an overabundance of bankruptcy attorneys. This means that even highly qualified and skilled bankruptcy attorneys can have difficulties finding work. Just because they’re trying to find work on LinkedIn does not mean that they are incompetent or won’t be able to handle your case with finesse.

Once you’ve identified several bankruptcy attorneys that you think you would like to work with, you should visit each one and see how you seem to fit with them personally. Pay attention to their body language. Communication experts estimate that at least 70% of all communication consists of nonverbal communication. If the attorney’s body language is not congruent with what they are saying, you should avoid them. You only want to work with attorneys that you will be 100% comfortable working with.

You should also check and make sure that the attorney you are considering working with has the necessary legal skills needed to handle your particular case. If filing for bankruptcy is going to be a complicated process for you, make sure you hire a lawyer that’s going to have the necessary abilities to handle it for you. Also make sure that your lawyer is well-versed in the local laws. Bankruptcy proceedings vary state-by-state, sometimes dramatically. Whatever you do, make sure you get a lawyer that is used to working in the area where you’re going to file for bankruptcy.

Once you have found an attorney that you feel comfortable working with, do a little background check on them. You don’t want to hire an attorney that does not have a large satisfied client base. Successful attorneys have satisfied clients: it really is that simple.

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Figuring out how many satisfied clients your attorney has can be a little bit difficult. The best way to go about it is to just ask them about some of their past clients or look up reviews online. You can also get a sense for how successful your attorney is by looking at how popular they are. Was it difficult for you to make an appointment to meet with them? The better the lawyer, the harder it generally is to become one of their clients.

It’s true that while figuring out how to find a bankruptcy attorney you will like is not always the easiest thing in the world, it definitely isn’t the hardest either. With a little hard work and persistence, you will be successful. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, look at several different attorneys, and make sure the attorney you finally end up hiring has satisfied clients.


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