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I’m a Colon Cancer Survivor With No Work, No Savings and a Leaking Roof

“Dear Steve,

I am a 72 year old woman…. With a reverse mortgage and a roof that is leaking into my bedroom of my town home where I have lived for 19 years. I owe $112,000 on my home that is now worth $60,000 maybe. I get $8,000 a year, $725 a month, I am unable to work and have no savings.
The city where I live will give me a grant for the roof and the gutters and front fascia board maybe I am on a waiting list, but my mortgage company said NO because I have no equity in my home so no grant. They will take my home from me they keep threating to foreclose, if I do not get a roof so I can get home owners insurance.

So what I need from you is as much information to help me as you can give me as to how I can get a roof so I can keep my home. If I have no roof I will be in the street and I have no one and no place to go.

I am a colon cancer survivor and a widower, I need information and as much as you have. Thank you.


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Dear Maimunah,

The solution to this problem is most likely going to come in the form of you letting them foreclose and finding affordable subsidized housing or some public benefit program that may assist with the repairs.

To locate possible benefits I would use the public benefits finder page on this site and I would ask your county contacts if they know of any other subsidized local repair program.

In the meantime, I’ll hunt around for other resources.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  •  I’d recommend you look into getting a mobile home in a 55+ mobile home community in Florida.  My grandmother had a vacation place in that type of community in St. Petersburg.  I’ve seen very nice mobile homes sell there for $3k to $5k.  The newer mobiles are listed for around $60k, but believe me, there are older ones that come up for sale which are perfectly fine & less than $5k.  When I was there it felt like we were staying at a vacation resort.

    The monthly lot rent was approx $450 which included water & sewage.  Electric was maybe $125 / mo.  That would put you on a fairly tight budget with food but you could probably do it.  Cable + Internet might put you over your budget, though.

    If you could do something like that and apply for whatever additional public assistance is available you could probably do quite well there.

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