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I’m Very Disappointed With You Letting Others Answer Questions. – Vincent

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

Steve, this is not a question, but rather a criticism: I have no idea as to why you run a website for the purpose of people to get information about debts, and options of what they can do if indeed in debt if all you are going to do when publishing a reader’s question is to answer with “this is your chance to be a hero” BS. People need answers.

Three quarters of Americans are in debt and probably 90% of those people can’t possibly afford a lawyer. To not answer a posted question and instead telling us, the readers of your website and RSS feads to be a hero and answer questions for someone desperately seeking answers is a blatant cop-out. Period.

If you can’t answer readers questions and 85% of the time tell readers to seek out a bankruptcy attorney, what is the point of having the website??? Please answer the lady from Texas as to what to do about her deceased husband’s debts.

everyone is going to have to go through this sooner or later in their lives. It serves no purpose to tell others to be a “hero” and give sometimes ridiculous answers. Steve, i have been reading your website for about 4 solid years now and I can only say that I am getting extremely disappointed with your answers and if you can’t take the time to research or give a proper answer to some of these questions, you are seriously going to loose me and a lot of other folks as readers. i am VERY disappointed.

Thank you,


Dear Vincent,

That’s certainly one way to look at it and if you feel that way I don’t invalidate those emotions at all.

But here is the reality from my point of view, there is more than one point of view to every situation. I encourage people to share theirs. Some people offer up suggestions and tips that I might not have thought to write or maybe just forgot about.

For questions I have answered many times before I will post them for readers, like yourself, to answer. The reason is simple, lack of time. I either have to skip the question and move to the next one that might be less asked and spend time answering it or post it for others to share their point of view and experience.

I’m up for alternative suggestions on how you think I could better deal with questions I can’t get to.

In the past when I tried to answer all the questions myself I wound up with over 400 unanswered questions. That’s 400+ people that never got any answer. In my opinion it’s better for people to chirp up and volunteer to provide an answer to help rather than no answer at all. I’m entirely grateful for the help.

If you can find a question where you feel the comments given to help the reader were all bad advice, I’d be happy to review that question. But from what I’ve seen of the volunteer answers, they are good and on target most of the time. And when I can circle back I try to add my comments as well.

If it matters, the reason I’ve been asking for more help lately is because my mother passed away at home on March 20th and since then life has been a roller coaster for me. Between dealing with her death and everything that comes afterwards and hosting visiting family who wanted to come to be with my father and visit, there has been a lot less time to answer questions than normal.

You can be as disappointed in me as you want but I’ve been doing the best I can give all the circumstances and time.

I think the question you are referring to is this one, My Husband Died. How Can I Get Creditors to Stop Calling Me?

If you look you will see I commented on the question previously and did provide an answer. The two people that initially commented did provide reasonable advice and they did note that the statute of limitations in Texas is four years. This appears to be the specific code section for that.

And nobody but an attorney that is licensed in Texas can provide legal advice for the reader so the lay advice and suggestions provided were helpful.

I’m curious, which volunteer answer did you feel was disappointing and wrong?

As far as past questions that can be found using the search box on this subject, many of them about death and responsibility can be found here.

Keep reading Vincent and don’t be afraid to chime in and comment to help a fellow person in trouble.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I visit this site probably every other day…sometimes every day for a period of time. If Vincent haas a problem maybe he should go somewhere else. As for myself I have added my comments/experiences here once or twice. I have used the comments/experiences of others on this site to help myself in the past. Can’t guarantee it but I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that for every “one against” there are probably a good “twenty for” ow this site is used. Keep up the GREAT work and please continue to invite others to comment!


  • I posted as LillieHelper on the thread in question above.
    I answered as a knowledgeable person on the subject matter.
    The reason I posted the answer I did is:
    Lillie did not say the debts were in her husbands name. In fact, a basic read of the information given by Lillie led me to assume the debts were theirs and now hers.
    The debts are 4 or more years old. She lives in Texas.
    Lillie said she has no money. That would mean no money for bankruptcy and no money for an attorney.
    Why I did not bring up the whole death cert angle is because it is not necessary at this point. That would bring an estate in to question (if there is one) and that just may complicate things for Lillie.
    My suggestions were the simplest while being on point.

    What about them did you not like?
    Please note that I did not suggest bankruptcy, which you for some reason take offense to in your criticism above.
    Please also note that I suggested Lillie contact an FDCPA attorney only when she has reason to – and that those attorneys typically charge no fee….. at all, which of course makes them affordable for the 90% you referenced in your criticism.

    Vincent…. wheres the beef?

    • What criticism?

      Your comments are the exact point I was making, they provided her with an alternative point of view from which to make a better informed decision.

      •  You made good and valid points Steve. Far more gracefully than I ever could. My posting a comment here was more because Vincent pointed to a page where I was the first to comment and I therefore assumed that was what was found to be concerning.

        Keep up the great work you do sir.

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