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The Resolution Law Group Sued Over Claims in Mailer by First Mariner Bank

It looks like another company marketing services against lenders has run into trouble as a result of their mailers. It’s somewhat similar to the claims made against another company, NHT Law Group. You can read that story here.

It looks like mortgage lenders are going after these mass joinder like mailers more often.

In the complaint filed against The Resolution Law Group on April 13, 2012 by First Mariner Bank the bank alleges the advertising by the Resolution Law Group was false and injurious.

The mailer in question is this one.

One interesting observation is that the disclaimer at the bottom says “Licensed to Practice Law in CT and CA” but does not say who the lawyer is that is licensed.

The bank states the mailed advertisement gives the consumer “case details” about the “national lawsuit” but First Mariner Bank says those statements are untrue. Additionally the mailer alleges the bank has engaged in fraudulent or improper lending activity, which the bank denies as well and says The Resolution Law Group knew were false.

You can read the complaint here.

I wonder if The Resolution Law Group will try the excuse that this was a problem created by their marketing company like NHT Law Group claimed. An interesting example of the extended liability of service providers that I just covered here.


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  • Babuska R

    The Resolution Law Group can be reached at 203 542-7275 out of Greenwich, CT. It is an internet scam company operated by Eitan Kimelman of NYC. The phone number is one he uses for his scam internet telecommunications company known as Broadwing Communications LLC-CT. He runs these scams with his brothers Abraham Kimelman of Brookline, MA. , Yaron KImelman of Lincolnwood Illinois and Noam Kimelman of Detroit, Michigan The wives are also involved.

  • Randy

    I do not fully understand your article about the Resolution law group. Is it a scam or not. They advertise doing the same procedure that our Federal government has successfully instituted in giving awards (not much) to innocent victims in the real estate crash.

    I am engaged with this team now and have done as much research as possible. It seems to me that they have instigated a real lawsuit (now in NY Federal Court). My mortgage deed has been through the ringer with Countrywide, then Equifirst (for a month) then to ASC (Wells Fargo private investor), all three which have had dubious relationships in the mortgage industry.

    I am paying a monthly retainer fee, talk to numerous employees at Resolution (even meet one in person) and have spoken to the lawyer they claim to be licensed in CT (Ian Berger). I have numerous correspondences with various employees saved.

    I would like to get your take on this law suit and any recommendations to protect myself and my money. I am overwhelmed by debt and a mortgage I cannot get out of. I am looking at a retirement in 3-4 years (if I have my way) that I cannot afford but what the hell. I know for a fact I will not be able to afford the dream home at that time.

  • Eloyhim

    I recieved a letter some months ago from resolution law group and gave it to my attorney of many years and, after careful consideration he gave me the green light to move forward with this litigation. Through more research i have found that the debt guy Steve has never spoken to the attorneys at resolution law group. So where are these claims of fraud coming from. As I track my case throughh the index number that resolution law group provided for me of the new york federal court. I can say that I am happy. Before this my lending institution would not even listen to the idea of a modification or a reasonable out come of my situation. i am going to finish out by saying that I now sleep better at night.

  • Your last victim

    Their r a scam. If u talk to David freidman. It’s related to Chris fox and Gary. Please google them. Biggest scam in America. Green credit. Green solutions. Biggest mortage scam in America. Please don’t let them take ur money. Call the FBI. If u paid them. Please call (310) 477-6565. FBI head quarters. In LA Tell them u need to speak with the mortage fraud department. And u signed up with a company related to Christopher fox. He is under indentmeant right now. Geoffrey Broderick. Ian Berger. And mark Hoffman are 3 lawyers that should be disbarred For lying and taking innocent people money. Selling them dreams about keeping their home. Please call the FBI. I have been lied to by them.

  • Anthony Perez

    a bank is suing them, helloooo!? why or how could this be bad

  • Jim Chicago, IL

    Hmmmmm I was received a mailer last year from ‘Free Fresh Start’ because of my Guaranteed Rate originated loan (Dec 05′) sold to NationStar (March 06′). I called to see what it was about and spoke to Victor Rodriguez. Despite knowing his stuff is disregarded as BS and went on paying too much for my upside down mortgage (of course sounded too good to be true). I received a mailer from my mtg company stating that I could re-fi even if I was 125% upside down or less. After filling out all of the loan docs they called and said “they were not able to do the loan.” Knowing that I am more then qualified on paper to get the re-fi I asked why did they not even come to put a value on the house. His response was “Sir I told you we are NOT ABLE to process your loan I am sorry” So I did some research and it appears they likely do not have all of the documentation they need in order to meet federal guidelines and if they were to re-fi me they would have to acknowledged that fact. This is when I called Victor back. He asked for $2500 up front (which would be refunded if I did not qualify for the audit). If I did qualify another $2500 for the retainer to…. Yep you guessed it The Resolution Law Group. Knowing I was not ever going to re-fi and bring $90K to the table I paid the $2500. This past Fri Nov 2, 2012 I was told I WAS able to enter the suit (Lucky me!?!?) So here I am doing research and this is what I came across. Knowing any of the good posts could and likely are planted there but the RLG….I dont know…

    • CelticMuse


      I’m a “real person” and not planting comments. :) Our situations are somewhat different (I’m dealing with Bank of America for example) and they refuse to refinance my mortgage for a variety of reasons (I’m not in default, my payments are not over 31% of my income, my mortgage is not FNMA or FDMC guaranteed, etc.) without me showing up with $80,000 cash. I’m joining the RLG case because I’m in a sticky situation (coming out of a 7 year interest only payment period) and no amount of letter writing, pleading, yelling or phone calls in the last 9 months has been able to convince BoA to refi my loan though, like you, I’m perfectly qualified for it. I thought I’d mention it because you didn’t, and because other people researching RLG (like you and me) might come across it, but these cases were removed to Federal District Court (Eastern District of NY). The case # is 1:12-cv-04686 if you have access to a court docket system. For people that didn’t qualify for HAMP or HARP or anything else and are who are trying to get their mortgage lenders to just do the right thing … good luck to you. Sincerely. My experience with RLG so far has been positive. If that changes for any reason I’ll be sure to update.

  • laura lacey

    I am a client to The Resolution Law Group and they are helping me fight for my legal rights against the banksters. Do your research and you will find that you and about 95 percent of Americans have been frauded against in many ways from their lenders/investers. Thank God for The Resolution Law Group. The law firm has done everything they said they were going to do. The firm is located at 500 West Putnam Ave., Greenwich CT. 06830 PS. I would recommend going to youtube and look up quiet title action with financial expert, Don Frano. I would recommend The Resolution Law Group to everyone I know, as a matter of fact I do. We are currently in litigation at the Federal level. I will keep you posted as confidential as I can.Sincerely, Laura Lacey, Seattle Wasghington

    • CelticMuse

      I too got a letter from The Resolution Law Group out of Greenwich, CT. I have tried everything short of litigation over the last 9 months to try to get Bank of America just to refinance my current loan into a fixed rate loan and they simply refuse to do it without me bringing $80K to the table. It’s flat out wrong, so I called the number in the mailer and spoke to Jay Wilson for nearly 45 mins. On the one hand, I’m a firm believer in “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” HOWEVER to give Jay some credit he never went for the hard sell (I was waiting for it) and told me to take time to research the case and the attorneys involved before making a decision. I happen to have access to a court docket system and was able to find this case on the docket. Having run across this post and having the amended complaint in hand (Which Jay sent me) I was also able to confirm that one of the plaintiffs is, in fact, Douglas Lacey supposedly from Maryville, WA (50 miles or so North of Seattle). Is Laura Doug’s wife? If so, this adds some weight to things in my eyes. And Laura, if you’re reading, thanks for posting. :)

  • Worldseries01

    I am a client of this firm and they are helping me so much with my troubles with Wells Fargo. They are defiantly not a scam and are truly helping me as well as other home owners. Marc Hoffman is a great litigator.

    • Steve Rhode


      • Jackie

        I received the same letter asking for the same amount of money.  They are also wiling to supply documentation regarding the lawsuit & so on.  You say help people get out of debt with free advice?  What is your advice for someone who has a home that is 100K updside down, with a mortgage company who has told me on two separate occasions in the past 1 1/2 years they have a shortage in my escrow account of $1700 & they will be increasing my mortgage payment again another $240.00 a month. I also did a modification in 2009 & I think this is how my escrow account has a shortage.  Now I am up to $2700. a/mos on a 285,000 mortgage & a home that is worth $160K.  :(

      • Steve Rhode

        Sounds like you need to explore a strategic default and letting the home go back. Have not seen many examples of mortgage companies taking significant write downs.

        If there is an old escrow problem. You can always consider meeting with a local real estate attorney for a consultation first.

  • 5/1 ARM

    I also recieved the mailer for my loan with American Home Mortgage, now serviced by Bank of America.  When I asked about the attorney’s license to practice in my state, they explained that its a Federal lawsuit and therefore they are not required to be licensed in my state.  I’m not an attorney…..but I think the idea here is that if they assume their is something wrong with your loan docs (a good assumption) and they bring suit against the lender for the failure to prove their right to file any claim against you, and then look to settle as per the terms of the lawsuit (principal reduction, refinance terms of loan, waive all penalties, and possibly cash penalty).  Just pay a $5,000 retainer, which I don’t have and won’t pay.  Would love to hear more from Steve about the credability of the lawsuit filing and any other opinions.

  • Msk

    I got a very similar mailer from Resolution Law Group saying “our office has filed a Complex Tort Action (lawsuit) against Wells Fargo Bank for potentially fraudulent lender/service actions.”   [Wells Fargo is my mortgage company.]    It’s a very weird mix between looking like information on joining a class action (w/o using those words), while at same time pushing me to refinance w/o expressing saying “refinance”.   The title of the mailer at the top says “Notice of Potential Litigation Against Your Lender”.   No chance I’d trust this Resolultion Law Group, merely b/c my gut said their mailer was suspicious, but especially seeing these other posts. 

  • Mrs. B

    Is this Resolution Law Group located in Los Angeles? We have recently been contacted by on on 5455 Wilshire Blvd. Their claims are a bit silly.

  • CuriousBuyer

    Well, does is this company all that it says it is, or is it a fraud? They are asking me to pay $5,000 dollars FIRST. Is the $5,000 dollars some sort of refinement fee?

    • CuriousBuyer

      Retainer fee, I think it  is called… Sorry.

  • Hoss

    My 1st Mortgage was provided by Aegis, a subprime arm of Lehman Bros. The Resolution Law Group (RLG) sent me a similar notice. I responded and they sent me a copy of the suit as well as their retainer agreement. They want a $5000 retainer and $500 monthly until the case is thrown out, won, lost or settled.
    Scam or not the suit is about 190 pages long. Of the 190 pages about 150 pages simply name plaintiffs and defendants. About 40 pages are accusatory. At first glance I think a 1st year law student could have drafted the suit. It would not surprise me if the case is lost on summary judgment.
    Nevertheless, when someone is underwater with their lender, delinquent on their payments or perhaps facing foreclosure they may be easy pickings for a group of attorneys. After all what a great business model, people send them $5000 and they file a suit with no guarantees or promises made. Even a brand new group of lawyers could stay in business long enough to find some decent cases to pursue.
    The RLG paid for a list of borrowers, printing and postage. The people they have following up the leads are paid on a commission basis. What’s not to like? My guess is there are plenty of people willing to pay $5000 for a chance to reduce their mortgage to 70% of current appraised value. That’s the pitch used by the RLG’s follow-up folks.
    What are the odds that a case of this type might actually prevail and provide the plaintiffs with some meaningful principal reduction?

  • Beaversg

    Just got one of these in the mail today!   Only it’s for filing claims against SunTrust Mortgage.   Interesting that Resolution Law  doesn’t even state they can practice law in the state of Maryland, but list the surrounding states.   Sounds like a scam to me!!!


    • stefan

      Its a scam.  I got a mailer too which claims fraudulent actions by my lender.  How can they say with any certanty that my lender or loan is fraudlent?  What attorney would say such a thing in writing without obvious disclaimers?  Has to be another commissioned nonattorney.  Now that debt settlement and other “legal” services are being scrutinized they just put a new lipstick color on the pig.  oink oink

      • Anthony Perez

        First off, that is a government web site, what do you expect? Duh.
        I think the idea here is that if they assume their is something wrong
        with your loan docs (a good assumption) and they bring suit against the
        lender for the failure to prove their right to file any claim against
        you, and then look to settle as per the terms of the lawsuit (principal
        reduction, refinance terms of loan, waive all penalties, and possibly
        cash penalty). —from a previous post

  • Finder

    Pernell Agdeppa is the attorney.

    • RLG

      This post and comment respectfully responds to the previous comment re: Resolution Law Group, P.C.  Pernell B. Agdeppa is the attorney for this firm which is based in Southern California and provides legal services (primarily real estate and bankruptcy).  However, this firm is not the same firm that is the subject of the above-referenced mailer or lawsuit filed by First Mariner Bank.  That firm appears to be based in Connecticut.  To be clear these firms are not affiliated with each other. 

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