Pam Asks “Does a Deferred Student Loan Lower Your Credit Score”

“Dear Steve,

I have $40,000 in credit card debt but have never missed a payment.I am trying very hard to make more than the minimum payment. I have a long credit history with no late fees ever. My credit score is about 750. I have 3 kids in college and have outstanding deferred students loans that I have cosigned. I know this makes me responsible for these loans but I have no doubt that my son will pay them on time. At the present time they are all deferred.

Does a deferred student loan lower your credit score?


Dear Pam,

The only reason I can see that these loans might lower your score would be that they represent a level of debt that you are responsible. I do not know of any scoring issue regarding the fact that they are deferred.

If you are worried that your score is lowered for a particular reason, it is easy to find out why. Simply order this consolidated credit report with the credit score and the report will tell you specifically why your score is what it is and what you can do to improve your score.

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