Al asks “How Can I Accelerate Paying Off My Debt?”


“Dear Steve,

Do you have a system for paying off credit cards? I have 4 cards ranging in % rates from 0% to 13.99%. I am trying to pay off the highest interest rate one first, just looking for any tips to speed up the process.



Dear Al,

You can use the free Debt Roll-Down calculator online, enter your credit card balance and interest rates. If you can afford more than just the combined minimum payments each month, add the additional amount to the Additional roll-down amount box at the top of the calculator to really accelerate your debt payoff.

Next, press the calculate button to create your recommended repayment schedule and then print the report.

The hard work will be to methodically follow the report, month after month to get out of debt in the shortest period of time, and pay the least amount of overall interest. The results will be amazing if you’ve got the organizational skills to follow it through.

It will take less than a minute for you to save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of interest using the calculator.


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