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Damn You June Reyno. Let Your Home Go And Move On.

Not that long ago I wrote about a woman that chained herself to her front porch to prevent her home from being foreclosed on. I’m afraid the story has turned into the pleading mother begging for the return of her child, only to have murdered it herself.

June isn’t an innocent victim here of banks gone wild, although I would pay good money to see that video. She is a serial defaulter. Court documents show that she has purchased and lost seven homes in California for non-payment.

Joe Stemmer sold two Palm Springs properties to Reyno in 2006. The original note on the homes was for $44,000 each.

Stemmer says she made two payments at the agreed note amount of $256 a month. But then he claims the payments stopped and the excuses started.

Apparently Reyno borrowed and borrowed against her primary home to consolidate credit card debts and buy properties or try to make payments on other properties. Silly.

A real estate investor once told me that if you are going to play with the big boys you better not cry when you get bit. June, you got bit. You tried to create a real estate empire on the foundation of shifting sand and it is now crumbling around you. Yours is not a case of an innocent family being booted out of the only shelter they have. Unfortunately yours is a case of someone who highly leverged their shelter to dig a deeper hole and obligate themselves to things they could not really afford.

June, please, for the sake of all of the people that I fight and care for our here that are in terrible situations, please let your house go and move on so we can get real help for innocent homeowners in trouble. You’re not innocent.

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  • Does this mean June Reyno is a low-down, no-good, dirty-rotten SCAMMER trying to CHEAT the bank out of a free house. Oops, she lost it in 2009.

    I got in contact with her to explain the only reliable way to beat the bank ethically: find out how she got injured at the inception of the loan, and then attack for related contract breaches, unconscionability, fraud and other torts, regulatory breaches, legal errors, appraisal fraud, etc. But NO. She refused to do that because, I guess, it seemed way too simple and sensible, and not as much fun as whining about securitization, bifurcation, the vapor money theory, etc.

    Just google Mortgage Attack to find out how to save your house and beat the crooks associated with the lending business.

  • June Reyno- I unfortunately was introduced to June through a property purchased by my employer at Trustee sale. June was the former mortgagor’s advisor and POA. She has filed fraudulent TRO’s against me, my employer, and has recorded a fraudulent deed. She was evicted by the sheriff and had to be removed from the property several times after. We are in a nightmare and it is costing thousands of dollars in attorneys fees, security monitoring, inspections, etc. I would like to post on your sight but do not want any portion of my name shown.

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