I Can’t Reach Anyone at Stratton & Fenstein Which is Now Legal Helpers. – Alan

I have working with Stratton & Fenstein which is now Legal Helpers. My Problems is I can not speak with customer service person. Alway speak to a machine.Fund or being take from checking account. The only thing being paid service provider activation fee no settlement being paid since 9/2009.


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5 thoughts on “I Can’t Reach Anyone at Stratton & Fenstein Which is Now Legal Helpers. – Alan”

  1. I have had some success with LHDR by using email and insisting that I speak to the person in charge of my account when I do call.   I will not leave a voicemail as they never call back.  I FINALLY got two cards settled by doing this and I have 2 left… I have been doing this for months now.  I took on a second job to get everything paid so it is no fun to have to hassle them to do the job I hired them to do but it beats losing money.  I believe the email account is support@legalhelpersdr.com.  Be sure to tell them you are completly dissatisfied with the service you have been receiving and you are ready to call the attorney general of your state – that seems to get some reaction.  I can’t check it from here but if the email is incorrect I will log in when I get home an repost the correct email address.  Good Luck and don’t give up if they still have your money you need to get the service you paid for!  On a positive note I have had great experiences with RAM (the company that actually handles the money).

  2. I also stopped payment for that account at my own bank and paid the $30 fee at the same time so no more payments could come out of our account.

  3. I was in the same predicament last year.  I called the company who handles the money for Legal Helpers and they very willingly and quickly gave me back all the money that had been held by them for the settlement.  Legal Helpers still owe us over $4000 and I am working on some way to get that back.  But, I read that Legal Helpers fired that banking company so don’t know how that will affect your ability to obtain the monies being held by them. 


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