Montgomery Ward Credit – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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11 thoughts on “Montgomery Ward Credit – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. I have several accounts with the Wards Company, Seventh Ave, Ginny’s, etc. Yesterday I attempted to order a chair for a friend of mine to be delivered to his new apartment. I had more than enough credit to cover the purchase. They requested a down payment of the whole amount! So I tried the other accounts to order the same thing also having more than enough credit available. Same thing! I always pay my bill on time every month. I don’t understand what is going on. I will be calling them tomorrow to try to get some answers. Very disappointed. I have never had an issue until now. They may have lost a good customer. I went to Wayfair and ordered a similar chair and they don’t charge delivery so it ended up being over $100 cheaper. and will be delivered in just a couple of days.

  2. I think they are baiting people with false offers of credit then gathering their personal info & then reselling it to other companies. Data is the money maker going forward …… plus, they DO NOT report to the major credit bureaus at all unless you fail to pay. Credit Karma is even warning about their practices!!!. BEWARE!!!!. THEY ALWAYS ASK FOR A DOWN PAYMENT & the items are doubled/tripled in price!!!.

  3. They are not honest nor on the up & up – cause they DO NOT report to the major credit bureaus – ONLY IF you fail to pay them. ALSO – they ALWAYS ask for a down payment too!. PURE SCAMMERY!. I think they are reselling our PERSONAL info to other companies!.

  4. Same thing happened to me. They sent me an invoice where it looks like have an account with them. I called and told them this was a fraud. They claims that an iPhone was ordered and billed to me and then shipped to a Dwight Goodman in Arizona???? I said then you better get hold of him for payment. I also told them I have no idea of this.. Next they said I needed to fill out a fraud packet. I’m going to ignore them and keep an eye on my credit report.

    This entire situation appears to be a scam. They also claimed they sent me several overdue invoices and letters from a collection agency which were all returned. I said why were they returned you seem to have my address. I got this invoice???

    They then told me that my account was not with a credit agency and I needed to get this solved ASAP. I told them they need to get it solved. If they think I opened an account with them they need to send me proof or supporting evidence that I did this before I do anything.

    I then went on to explain they are the ones who made a mistake but letting someone open an account in my name so they need to fix this NOT ME.

    I do not understand how companies who let fraud take place expect me to prove it was incorrect. I think they need to first prove to me that they have enough of my personal info before I send them anything. Even if they have my social security number it is their responsibility to verity the account holder not mine to prove it was not me after the fact. .

    if you open an deposit account at a bank it take several froms of ID before you can give them your money for them to hold but if you want credit or a credit card they do not check anything???????

    Should be the other way around?????

    Something is very wrong. We are all lead to believe this is acceptable. IT IS NOT. WE all need to take stand and if yoyu are a victom of fraud you need to frist demand that you are shown the information they have and how this occired before we need to take action.

    They screwed up! NO ME. So they first need to show me how this happened not for me to just prove it was not me.

  5. I live in Fresno, CA. I recently received a magazine for Montgomery Ward saying $400 credit for $20 per month. I ordered less than $400 and they asked for a down payment. Nowhere on the magazine offer did they say down payment required. Upon checking out the company needed my social security number. I believe they are mailing these magazines just to get people’s information. Its a lie and a scam and they are taking advantage of the fact that its the holiday season. They mailed it to me right before Christmas. I don’t believe they ever intended to extend credit. Please don’t fall for their scam.

    • I have Montgomery wards and a large credit and never had to put money down. Now Kay Jewelers
      does that to me, I have a 400$ credit with them and they require 20% down which is bs.

  6. well i was very disapointed tonight i applied for a MW credit card and ordered a treadmill for 550.00 dollars , then later they wanted a down payment of 327.00 then they would finace the remainer, i look on line find the treadmil selling for only 250.00 what a scam they make there money up front then u pay double sometime triple for the item .this should be illegal to take advantage of people like glad i figured them out before i made a big finacial mistake..stay clean ….beware!!!!!!!!


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