Wells Fargo Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

Please share your experience with Wells Fargo Credit Card and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below.

The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others who have used Wells Fargo Credit Card in order to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with Wells Fargo Credit Card. Here are some potential questions you might be able to provide feedback about.

  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received from Wells Fargo Credit Card?
  • Was Wells Fargo Credit Card easy to communicate with before or after you became a customer?
  • Did Wells Fargo Credit Card respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged by Wells Fargo Credit Card?
  • Did Wells Fargo Credit Card give you the terms and conditions for the credit you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was Wells Fargo Credit Card helpful in assisting you with your financial needs?
  • Did you have a really good experience with Wells Fargo Credit Card you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience with Wells Fargo Credit Card you want to share?
  • Is there any other information you’d like people to know that might be considering using credit fromWells Fargo Credit Card?

It is important to understand when reading comments below that they are the opinions of the individual posters and may not be representative of the overall impression of all consumers that may have or have not used the services of Wells Fargo Credit Card. But everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to express their opinion, even Wells Fargo Credit Card itself, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

2 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Credit Card – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?”

  1. I’ve been a wells fargo customer since they were crocker bank (58yrs).   I have a WF visa and paid off the balance.  after paying it off they lowered my credit limit from 11k to 1k.
    Many calls to customer service, each one worse then the previous.  I asked for a payment reversal but I only wanted to do it if it would return my original credit limit, the person I spoke with said “YES” it would (they say it was recorded).  WF reversed my payment but did not
    put back credit limit, now I owe over $7500 on my next monthyly payment.   WF messed up on my credit, I spoke with many WF folks, including exec offices…they will not budget.  AND I cannot work out payment plan until I am late on my next payment… WF sucks….

  2. I have my home for more than twenty years but and the last 3yeark I try to ged modification but nathig happen more than 3 time they said with have to paid any amount and after the perid is finish they still dond agree the only thing they sugeting is short sale hor god said this is my house where is obama how mr president let the banks breaking family before this country have justice know I dont have any more why the bank not negociate with people the never have problem with paid they morgage in time for more than 20years they only care about sale the property to any one I really dont know how the can sllepping when destroy so many family that dont ask only for lillte hell I wonder if america dream exict anymore


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