Can I Get My Student Loan Debt Forgiven Because I Lived in a Poor Section of Brazil? – Kelly

“Dear Steve,

I am an American born citizen but my retired father raised me partly in a poor section of Brazil. 18 years to be exact. I am now 34 and have a student debt of 10500.00 dollars. I heard of a policy that forgives those who worked full time for ten years in a poor foreign country (like in my case).

How do I apply for this “debt forgivness policy”? How do I know what information I need to provide for it to apply to me?

Sincerly Intrested,


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Dear Kelly,

I’ve never heard of such a program. The low income programs for student loan forgiveness I am familiar with require someone to work in a public service or teaching job in the U.S. in a designated area.

I seriously doubt you Brazil time will aid you in forgiving your student loans but a good question to ask.

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