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Will Past Due UK Phone Bills Prevent Me From Becoming a Lawyer

“Dear Steve,

Last few years, i have a contract with THREE company PHONE in the UK for 24 months (45 pound permonth) subsequently on the 4th month of the contract i went back to my country in asia and stop paying them. I did not cut off my contract with the company or the bank and before i went back to asia. Recently i graduate as a lawyer and admitted to the bar. I am curious that will the bank or phone company inform the BAR in my country. i dont intend to go back to uk anymore. pls help


Dear Gill,

No worries mate.

I seriously doubt your past due telephone service in the UK will rise to the level of a criminal complaint.

While it is a modern world, when it comes to cross country stuff like this it’s just not as sophisticated as you would think.

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