Pamela Gressier – Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 5-2-2012

Date This Problem Happened: January 12, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,995

Company Name: Pamela Gressier – Prudent Law Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: prudentlawgroup.com

Consumer Statement:

My experience is well documented in previous report.

Consumer Action Taken:

For those that have been scammed by Prudent Law Group, I would strongly encourage you to report your experience to The State Bar of California as well as The Department of Real Estate (DRE). The DRE media contact is Tom Pool and his number is 916-227-0771. The filing process is fairly simple and they DO investigate all complaints, and issue cease and desist orders if they find a violation has occured. As for the Cal State Bar, they take these scams very seriously and will reprimand or disbar an attorney that violates Senate Bill 94. The lead attorney is Pamela Gressier, I have two case numbers pending with each of these agencies as well as several other law enforcement agencies. If you would like to discuss how to navigate the complaint process I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Mr. Pool at the DRE really stressed the importance of the public coming forward with information that can lead to prosecution of these scam outfits.

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14 thoughts on “Pamela Gressier – Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 5-2-2012”

  1. Steve, if these people are working under a 1099 isn’t there a way to check the records under these law firms? There has to be a paper trail that would validated the information for investigation since they are using so many different names. Thank for your help, I didn’t know where to start until I checked out your site and was able to follow it through.

  2. Prudent Law and SC Law Group are BIG Scammers and I would file a complaint. We did with the state Bar of California and they are now being investigated. we want our money back and hope they are locked up. Katherine Castro Las Vegas 702 5620006

  3. PAMELA GRESSIER SHOULD BE DISBARRED: Just found this online (reposted):

    Remedy law Group is a Scam this firm was formely Prudent Law Group and
    before that they were Novation Law Center this company is a boiler room
    sweet shop filled with low life scummy sales people.

    I use to work there all the employees are 1099 this in not legal a law
    firm can not 1099 case workers they are also fee spliting and capping
    another illegal practice by Matt Brinks the owner who is a fucking ass
    hole who does not pay his employees on time. This group has diffrent
    suit at 4500 Campus and they have over 50 sales junkies on the phone
    selling illegal modification services and now are charging up front
    fee’s for a refinance program Harp2 this is not legal at all they can”t
    charge a advanced fee for a refinance service ? Don”t use Remedy Law
    they are a scam and use unethical practices to take peoples money im
    sure they are planning another bait and switch show and will come back
    as a new law firm soon. Stay away from this scam called Remedy Law they
    will take your money and then bail out and start another firm.


  4. Good gravy, Pam’s still doing this?  She has been warned.  Whoever hasn’t gotten a full refund can call me 910 876 7001, email chris@fairdebtlawyer.com, write PO Box 220, White Oak NC 28399, or send a carrier pigeon.  I’ll see if I can help you.

  5. Here is what is really going on: Pam’s main law practice in Cerritos (Note:
    Public Information listed on the CALBAR website) is flailing. Therefore,
    she thought she could do some side-work, and ride the ethical line of people with real estate issues.  She thought, “Hey, I can make $3K – $5k per client. Obviously, every attorney in CA is aware of the crackdowns of Foreclosure Law in CA. There are very specific rule as set forth on the bar’s website.
    An attorney is REQUIRED to do due diligence.

    There is NO WAY she did not know she was getting involved with a reputed scam-artist (see Damian Kutzener) with a checkered past, but she didn’t care. He lists the PRUDENT LAW GROUP as one of his businesses on LinkedIn or some other social media site. Willful blindness is NO EXCUSE for any attorney (nevermind one with 20+ years expereice)

    If you look her up online, she is an entrepreneur (instructor, attorney), but she went to a lower-tier school and is probably having business development issues in this market.  She took the chance and hooked up with this firm hoping to make a quick buck. She though she could disassociate herself with her partnership and work with Prudent Law Group for cases outside of CA.

    The twitter responses sent to Steve are absurd. Sure, I have disagreed with Steve on the past as to the despicable existence of United Law Group/Brookstone Law (And its fearless leader, Vito) but this site is a great tool to put people on Notice of RE scams.

    Pamela Gressier dug her own grave by getting involved with these people. Attorneys have a heightened duty of responsibility to the public and she shirked hers.  (Side Note: All of her partners are liable for her own doings with Prudent Law Group, since they are a partnership – see Partnership 101 law).

    • PAMELA GRESSIER STRIKES AGAIN….LATEST BBB REPORTAdvertising/Sales IssuesView Details Additional NotesComplaint: 04/23/2012: I was promised in a pre-qualifing phone call by a Mr Jorge Velasquez of Prudent Law Group, Newport Beach, Ca. that I definitely qualified for a mortgage loan modification using the gov’t HAMP program. He verbally stated that the only two reasons I would not get in this program was if I filed for bankruptcy or filed for divorce. I did neither but of course there were two reasons I couldn’t get in program. Both reasons were disclosed in pre-qualification phone call. “Shouldn’t be a problem” Mr Velasquez states. Fast forward to today and I have no loan mod and am out $3852.00 and Prudent Law Group does not return e-mails or phone calls. I have not even been irate yet. I feel I have been solicited by a Law firm that never intended to do what they promised. They seem very predatory and something should be done. Even if I never get my money back these predatory law firms should be slammed.

  6. You people seem to be obsessed with this one company and Pam Gressier. 33 reviews? What an utter farce, the only thing gets 33 reviews are teenage pop stars. You people write your own reviews to push your listings. It’s all false and I am someone who knows it. You are dishonest and I would never trust a word you say.

    • I think you are confused and under an incorrect impression. The post you are commenting on now has no comments, other than yours, and now mine at the time I write this. There are not 33 reviews on this post but the site does have 41 reviews and it sounds like it only had 33 when this post was published. All of the site testimonials can be found here. https://getoutofdebt.org//testimonials/

      Your claims that I wrote the submitted reviews is incorrect. Please feel free to read each of the reader submitted reviews on the link I gave you above.

      • I am in Texas and trying to get a loan modification.  Saw PrudentLaw Group online and have sent them almost three thousand.  I don’t know the rules but was told that once I applied for the program, my mortgage company could not start foreclosure procedures.  I signed the contract before sending them two payments.  At present, they are not returning emails but they did return phone calls previously.  Not now.  I looked online in April and did not see this blog.  How can I see if they have even filed for me and are working with my mortgage company and if they are, what are the rules for foreclosure if I am in the program?  Do they get ANYONE THRU THE HOME MODIFICATION PROGRAM?  I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and disabled and the mortgage company was so ugly when I tried thru them, thus I went to PrudentLaw.  Is there any hpe

    • JOHNSON you are probably working for these scammers! Cause you don’t know what you are talking about, have you ever been ripped off? Your mouth apparently isn’t communicating with your brain cells because if it was you would have the decent courtesy to check it out first and read some of these complaints about Prudent Law Group and SC Law Group before posting trash. Believe me they have ripped us off and have done so with a lot of other people too! READ IT. Katherine


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