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Canadians Warned Yet Again About Cambridge Life Solutions

A reader sent in the following news video about Cambridge Life Solutions, an advanced fee debt settlement company in Canada.

The station interviews the owner of Cambridge Life Solutions, George Fortune, and inserts the over the shoulder perp shot for dramatic impact.

The news package includes bankruptcy trustees as well who speak out about the Cambridge Life Solutions advanced fee business model. While Cambridge Life Solutions says they are proud of their success ratio they refused to disclose their success rates. That’s never a good sign.

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  • they do charge upfront fees, and sometime its up to $2500 they have collected without negotiating on the accounts. you pay deposit an amount based on your total debt and a 24-36 month program. usually about %60 of that deposit goes to Cambridge for the admin fee charged to negotiate your debt. but again collecting thousands of dollars without actually negotiating. if they are charging you almost %60 how much is really going towards a savings used to negotiate the debt. i enrolled about 6 accounts into the program and all 6 i was sued on, they stated once the creditors take legal action, they can not assist me any longer and would have to cancel my program.. they negotiate on the current balance after interest and more fees are accrued, not the original when i singed on. now im stuck with more debt and legal fees on top of that. what am i suppose to do now???

  •  The best part about this video.

    Mr Fortune did not take them in the office because its not in CANADA.  The reporter should have  noticed that the 400 person facility should have been hoping.  I have been to the office in California and the phones were ringing non stop all day and into the early evenings.

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