Can My Credit Union Repossess My Car If I’m Late On Another Loan? – Colette

“Dear Steve,

I have a personal loan ( which is 3 months past due) and an auto loan , which is current, with the same credit union. Thay are now saying that the personal (signature) loan is cross-collateralized, and the want to repossess the car. I don’t remember agreeing to cross-collateralization – the loan was made in New York State, and I am currently living in Florida. Can the car be repossessed while it is in Florida? Please help!


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Dear Colette,

Most likely the answer is they can.

People always give credit unions the warm and fuzzy award because they are credit unions but the cross-collateralization problem is just so terrible.

Generally what I see is this problem going the other way, where people pay off their car but can’t get the title to it because they have a balance on a credit card with the same credit union.

If you feel the actions of the credit union are in error, I would contact a local lawyer in your area that specializes in consumer issues. You can use NACA.net to find one.

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