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The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward & Associates, What Should I Do Now?

“Dear Steve,

I have been reading up about this co on your site, along with Lloyd Ward and previously Simon and Bosch and realize that my 2 year stint to date (out of 4) of paying them $423.06 a month is probably a scam. I was only researching b/c I feel I cannot make any more payments and must go bankrupt and file Chapter 7. I am a US citizen but live in Italy. I don’t have assets to be taken, only a bank acct in the us, so it probably won’t effect me that bad. That is if I can even claim chapter 7 living out of the country. Problem is I don’t have MOney to pay a BR lawyer and I cannot appear in US to attend the court.

SO where does that leave me I wonder?

My debt was 40K, cut down to 16K to the companies with a $5K fee to the debt answer/law firms.

I signed with THE DEBT ANSWER at 1001 Brickell Bay Drive, suite 1200, Miami, Florida 33131 in May 2010. I just now tried contacting them to tell them I could no long fulfill my contract and would have to stop, but my email got sent back. Then I checked the web site and that too is no longer operating. Then I started scouring their names on the web.

I came across this site and read many many testimonials against them. I have paid them about $12,000 off of a 20,000 debt but still have another 2 years to go if I were to continue. I read the page about getting money back from them, but
i wonder has anybody gotten money back from a debt consolidation co by doing what Steve suggested?

Is there a way (short of contacting each c/c co) to find out what (if anything) has been paid? My law firm is Lloyd Ward associates at 12655 North Central Expressway, Dallas Tx.

My fear is if I contact the card companies here from overseas here in Europe where I now live, then they’ll know how to reach me and could sue me.

What if Lloyd are paying the credit companies money and are settling my debts, is that a possibility? After reading so many testimonials on your site, I doubt it.

What should I do now? Declare bankruptcy? Keep paying the Law firm?”

The first step should be for you to reach out to your customer service contacts at Lloyd Ward & Associates and ask for a status update on your account.

There are steps that can be taken but rather than react out of fear, let’s react out of fact.

I also sense you have not had a chance to communicate with Lloyd Ward & Associates much about your account but just have been passed around.

Please contact Lloyd Ward & Associates and let me know what the update is from them and then we can look at what to do next. Does that sound like a reasonable approach?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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