Capital One Sued Me And Got a Judgment After the Case Was Dismissed. – Linda

“Dear Steve,

Capital One wrote off their debt, turned over to a Collection Agency who has now sent to an attorney,,,they got judgment against me and I motioned to have that set aside which was denied,,now at Appeals process. Also the plaintiff’s counsel motioned against my motion. When reviewing court records, I found that the judgment was entered after the case was dismissed and that was main contention in my motion. In their opposition they pointed out to court they filed for judgment on the pleadings and gave a date which was an earlier date than what was filed with the court (in other words..the document was entered after the dismissal date)..I filed an opposition to the plaintiff’s motion stating this..not even sure if this was taken into consideration when my motion to set aside was denied.

Do I have any basis for appeal and are there any cases to cite?


Dear Linda,

You don’t need a website, you need a lawyer licensed in your state for specific legal advice about your situation.

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