Apparent Pamela Gressier – Prudent Law Fan – Not Happy With GetOutOfDebt.org

The debt world is an interesting one. You get to meet all types of people. The latest interesting interaction began yesterday over Pamela Gressier – Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 5-2-2012 following the posting of this comment on the consumer complaint.

You people seem to be obsessed with this one company and Pam Gressier. 33 reviews? What an utter farce, the only thing gets 33 reviews are teenage pop stars. You people write your own reviews to push your listings. It’s all false and I am someone who knows it. You are dishonest and I would never trust a word you say.

Twitter user @jimcaronartist subsequently began a series of attacks that started off not long after the comment with a tweet similar to the comment left on that article.

This was followed rapidly by:

@GetOutOfDebtGuy What I am going to do? Start informing the public you fabricate your own reviews and u r all about the click through money.

@GetOutOfDebtGuy Got your attention right away I see. You are obsessed. You fabricate your reviews to manipulate your listings. All will kno

@GetOutOfDebtGuy How about I put a site with H1 tags, just as you do telling the truth about your fabricated reviews and personal attacks?

@GetOutOfDebtGuy the elephant in the room you’re pretending not to see. If u weren’t writing bunk reviews u would not waste ur time with me [My favorite Tweet. Apparently if you respond it supports the conspiracy.]

@GetOutOfDebtGuy Ur a click through man. Google Adsense is your business. I will contact them concerning ur harassment and false reviews.

@GetOutOfDebtGuy U can stop the act now. You will be dealing with your affiliates who will close your accounts. Let them point it out to you

@GetOutOfDebtGuy Might be a good idea to remove all of your obsessive listings against one woman, one company. As well as another I know of [To which I responded “You never answered my question. What woman are you talking about?”]

@GetOutOfDebtGuy Gathering a team today to start filing complaints with google adsense. Already filed several, same campaign u do, but for u

I’ve answered his tweets along the way and repeatedly asked which woman and post @JimCaronArtist is referring to. The Twitter user is quick on attacks but not in specifics.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of things on this but it’s an interesting episode to talk about.

From time-to-time this site receives some criticism for posts about one thing or another. In this case it appears that consumers submitted reports about California attorney Pamela Gressier and Prudent Law or Prudential Law.

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I think these are all the posts on the site to date that included the presumed mysterious woman’s name.

As you can see, I have written one post about Is The Prudential Law Group in California, Legitimate or a Scam? where I wrote about Pamela Stacey Gerber-Gressier. And all I said specifically about her was “The email also contains a link to attorney Pamela Gressier. California Bar records actually say Gressier is actually with the firm:

Duarte, Gressier & Menezes, LLP
17215 Studebaker Rd Ste 240
Cerritos, CA 90703

The other posts came from consumer who wished to submit complaints about the services they received and the submitting consumers named Pamela Gressier, not me.

And just for your information, this site does not publish fake testimonials. All public site testimonials can be found on the testimonial page. The site lists at the bottom of pages on the site the total number of site reviews received. As more reviews are received the number grows. I think this unhappy person thinks there are that many on each page. Granted it could be a bit confusing but that’s how reviews are apparently reported by the search engines.

Just look at listing like these that show the site overall rating.

What makes this particular episode interesting is that it seems illogical to attack me or this site for the posts submitted by readers and the one post in which I gave advice. When these episodes happen it makes me and others wonder if the strategy is to attack rather than resolve the consumer issues with the company.

Wouldn’t it be a much smarter approach for the attorney and/or company to respond in a positive way to consumer complaints to show how exceptional their customer service can be and that they care about their customers? Surely that would attract more potential new clients.

Attacks like this one against the site make me wonder if there isn’t something more that we don’t know. When you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger I guess.

As I said to the attacking Twitter user:

@jimcaronartist What harassment and false reviews? Can you point to a specific example please.

There has been no response to that message.

If this site ever publishes information that is incorrect I want people to bring it to my attention. If I made an error, I want to fix it. In fact there is a button on every post to report an error or a typo. No such reports have been received on any of those posts above.

If information that has been supplied by a consumer is incorrect, anyone is welcome to publish any comment they want to either support, defend, explain or resolve any consumer issue. I’m not holding you back.

And to help any person or company that may have appeared in a consumer complaint or story published this guide can help to best respond to them. See How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose.

Interestingly the current approach by this one person can’t be found in that guide. It’s the opposite thing a company can do to foster a better image and just gets the closer scrutiny of regulators that read this site.

Oh yes, one last item, the ads one the site, I cover that all at length right here.


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