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Is DCS a Real Company. I Don’t Want to Get Scammed. – Shelly

“Dear Steve,

I have gone to college and have a student loan.I am a teacher and make very little money in maine. I know i need to pay back my loan but I just can’t afford to right now. It has been in defult and then in economic hardship defult now. so i recently was contacted by dcs also known as direct loans. she wanted me to set up a payment with them so my wages would not be garnished. is this a real comapany? or is it a scam?

Is DCS a real company? or is it a scam? I already was scammed by Johnson Law group a few years ago for my credit cards. I am kind of scared to sign up for another loan repayment company.


Dear Shelly,

Just to be clear and make sure I’m responding about the correct company, what is the full name of DCS and their website.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • Steve,  Hi. thanks for responding. DCS is Diversified Collection Services, Inc. I got them to send me paperwork this week after they called me. The address they gave me was po box 9057, Plesanton, Ca 94566-9057. She did not give me a web address. But I do have her phone number back to her office.

    • I hate to come back with more questions, but…

      This sounds like it is a government backed loan and not a private loan. Is that correct? If so you may have some good options for dealing with this. If this was a private loan, your options are limited.

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