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I Owed Debt in New Zealand But Want to Move Back. – Steve

“Dear Steve,

Hi there, I left New Zealand 2005 with I believe bad credit record ( credit card debt, left small phone bill ). I was in a rush, because of my wife and kid’s condition. It was not very moral thing to do…….I admit it, but sometimes we make bad choices. I am planning to go back to NZ as I divorced my wife and want to start all over again. Meantime I won DV lottery now and was wondering if this could be a reason for a visa denial as they want police and court records. I have already sent over all the papers to NZ to check out what the situation is with my credit record. Any advise will be helpful.
Thanks Steve


Dear Steve,

The underlying problem here is that we don’t know what you are dealing with. It seems you may be blind as to what debts you may still owe and what legal cases may have been filed against you in New Zealand.

I’m assuming you want to clear the way to move back so you should invest in a local attorney in New Zealand who can represent you and act on your behalf. The attorney could contact your creditors and workout a settlement or repayment of your debt. They could also help you to understand if you have a criminal or court record that may be discovered and impact your visa application.

As much as I’d like to wave a wand and help you with this it seems what you need first is more information.

Let me know what you find out regarding your New Zealand credit report.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

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  • Thanks Steve, 
    I have already sent police clearance form in NZ and got an answer that its been forwarded to US embassy. They don’t disclose information to individuals. So I hope there is nothing to worry about, but the truth is that I don’t know.
    I am waiting for the court records. At least they will post the papers to me. I don’t believe that civil debt has anything to do with police records or criminal activities, but who knows….
    Anyway I will keep you posted as soon as I have more info.

    Steve G.

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