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Noteworld Could Not Settle My Discover Account and I Now Think It’s Expired Under the Statute of Limitations. – Mary


“Dear Steve,

I was with Note World Settlement for a long time. After them not being able to settle with Discover after 7 year. They told me Discover could NOT do anything to me any more (staute of limiation law) I live in WI. Now I got a bill from Discover for the full amount do now!! what do I do??


Dear Mary,

It seems we are dealing with some misinformation.

Noteword is a third party escrow company and holds funds on behalf of a consumer. They do not do debt settlements. You most likely worked with a company that did sell you debt settlement services and used Noteworld as the escrow company.

The only way to know for certain if the statute of limitations has expired on a debt would be to get a specific legal opinion from an attorney licensed in Wisconsin. These are not necessarily simple deductions. Often time there are other factors which can come into play.

I would advise you to contact a local consumer attorney.

Just because a debt may have expired under the statute of limitations does not mean the debt owner can’t still pursue you. It just means they can’t sue you. They can attempt to collect on the debt until you die and if you admit you owe the debt or make a payment the statute of limitations can begin again.

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Big Hug!
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