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Truly Free Credit Scores and Daily Credit Monitoring

Written by Steve Rhode

When it comes to free credit reporting products, I mean really free, the services are hard to find. Sure, there have been all sorts of teaser products offered that then signed you up for paid services but where does someone go to find their actual credit score?

Until a year or so ago the online credit score offered by services was a bit of a fudge. I was told the credit bureaus didn’t want to tell you your real credit score so they could sell the accurate one to you. But that fudge factor has been eliminated I am told and you can now see your credit score online for free using the service provided by Credit Karma. also provides members with free daily monitoring of your single bureau credit report to alert you about any activity. This can be invaluable.

In addition, the free service also displays your TransRisk score, VantageScore and TransUnion Auto Insurance Risk Score.

The VantageScore is a new credit scoring model created by America’s three major credit reporting agencies to support a truly consistent and accurate approach to credit scoring. This new score provides lenders with nearly identical risk assessment across all three credit reporting companies.

One very cool feature of the Credit Karma free service is the ability to simulate how changes to your balances, payments, or credit extended will impact your score. The credit simulator will give you an idea about what you can do to bring up your score by modeling different scenarios.

The credit score part of this free service also breaks down your individual grades for:

  • Open Credit Card Utilization
  • Percent of On-Time Payments
  • Average Age of Open Credit Lines
  • Total Accounts
  • Hard Credit Inquiries
  • Derogatory Marks

So what’s the catch? How can they offer you all of this for free? The answer is simple, Credit Karma presents financial offers to you that may save you money. If you decide to signup for any of those products to save money they earn money from the company. These offers may be fore a new bank account, credit cards, auto insurance or auto refinance.

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It’s a Cool Free Service

I’ve used for some time now and find the service is enjoyable and informative. And did I mention it’s free as well? It’s worth signing up just to monitor your credit score for free as well.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I was just recently turned down for a credit card I wanted for a balance transfer.  When I received my explanation in the mail (high debt to income ratio), I got my Transunion credit score which they said was 730.  A recent check on Credit Karma had it at 735, so pretty darn close.  That confirmed to me that I could rely on their information.

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