Can I Get Into the UK if I Have An Old Debt There? – Manish

“Dear Jon,

my name is manish.i have lived in UK for 5 years and have some debts.i have come back to my home country because my student visa was running has been 2 years since i have come back from UK.

can i travel back to UK, if i had some old UK debts?is UK immigration relate to my UK debts?



Just by having debts left in the UK is not a reason to be denied entry back into the country. There is no cooperative relationship between the banks or money lenders and the Home Border Agency.

So you should be fine coming back to the UK.

Now if you decide to live back in the UK, and owe money, the creditors you owe may begin the process of trying to collect the debts if they find out you are back in the UK. If this were to occur you do have options with the debts such as setting some form of repayment plan or insolvency.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


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9 thoughts on “Can I Get Into the UK if I Have An Old Debt There? – Manish”

  1. Manish, there are many things I am missing from your post, when you stayed in UK were you on 1. work permit?, 2. did you over stay? 3. how did you leave UK?  Like I said earlier PLEASE pay the debt, the debt you owe will NOT get you the qualifying points needed for a entry visa. The government will look into every detail about your stay in UK, they will pull up police record, YOUR credit bureau, (ANYTHING related to you THEY ALREADY HAVE IT). Your wife to be can she support you financially without claiming government assisted benefits? All these factors will be taken into consideration.

    • Milton,

      What are you assuming here other than Manish wishes to visit the UK as a tourist and does not need a visa.

      Also, what section of the guide that you linked to that relates to debtors other than those owing the NHS?

    • hi milton,

      sorry for late reply…

      1. i was on post study work visa.

      2. no i never overstayed.

      3. i left uk one week before my visa expiration and returned back to my home country..

      i tried to contact my creditor but it is like impossible to pay and to track my accounts from my home country as i think they must have sold my debt to debt collection agency by now…i hope this helps..and i will b very greatful to you for your kind response..


  2. Complete Debt Solutions here, my advise to you is to clear your debts first, the immigration in UK strict, they will pull up every information about you. Yes you can be turned down for a visa. All these debts are considered `government money`.

  3. Thank jon for your kind response…But as i have around 5k to 6k pound UK debt for 4 credit cards. but still i dnt know if i had any ccj against still du u think it wont affect my visa file. i have my girl friend in uk and we are getting married soon. i dint share with her about my debt but my intentions not to put her any trouble because of me…i am so stressed because immigration laws getting tighter and incase if they check my character file or credit history… i appreciate for your advice..
    thanks alot

    • The debts alone should not prove an issue with Immigration, but you can always inquire with the Home Border Agency here in the UK.  The last time I looked into this, a few months ago, having debt is not an issue and from what I have seen and read, not even a question on any of the forms.  But it may vary according to the type of Visa you are seeking.  If it is a spousal Visa, then it should not be an issue. 

      Your debts do not affect your girlfriend, so no worries there. 

      The main thing Immigration is concerned with is criminal background.  They also do not want people to just come to the UK to get benefits.  From what you have stated, you should be fine. 

      Speak to The Home Border Agency and let us know how you get on. 

      I wish you the best. 


      • yes i will apply for uk spouse visa as my girlfriend is UK citizen and me indian citizen..yeah i will definately let you know about my experience..
        From the bottom of my heart, i really appreciate for your help/advice..

        • Just a follow-up to what I had previously stated:

          To my knowledge a credit check or history is not looked at by the UK Border Agency for a Visa into the UK, especially a Spousal Visa, and how do I know, I have worked with two (2) couples in obtaining a Spousal Visa and the sponsoring UK National had poor credit, no credit inquiry was done.

          A police and background query, yes, but they only had to show financials related to being able to support themselves and not go on the social.

          I would like to hear any other’s experiences as well.




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