Realty Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 5-16-2012

Consumer Statement:

they called me constantly before all the money was sent but now im not receiving even a simple phone call from anyone

Consumer Action Taken:

i have made numerous phone calls every day and mrs gomez was supposed to be handling my case and she has not got back with me at all.

The manager of this section is francisco salvat he stated that he would have mrs gomez call me back within 25 minutes on that day of may 2012. however i called today may 15,2012 and supposivly he no longer works for the company. i have been calling them numerous times and just gettting a voice mail and they would call back within 24 hours and i have got not even a simple phone call.

Date This Problem Happened: February 20, 2012

State You Live in: Maryland

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,500

Company Name: Realty Law Center

Company Address:

6b liberty suite 215
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Company Telephone Number: 949-600-9961

Website of Company: realtylawcenter.com

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6 thoughts on “Realty Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 5-16-2012”

  1. I am also having the same problem.  Basically all of the facts listed by “Janekay626” are the same for me.  I cannot get any help from anyone!  I am getting desperate for my money back and some assistance before I lose my house.

    • Tamer Qursha, a convicted felon, is connected to Realty Law Center and his probation officer, Noreen Dona, wants to hear from you.  Ms. Dona’s number is 714-338-2900.  State Bar of California has victim restitution fund for Homestead

  2. This company is owned by Bruce S. Weiner.  His phone number is 562 – 467 – 8950.  If you transferred money to any account, check with the bank that received the money and see if they can tell you who the owner of the account that received the money is.  If it matches Bruce you can use that information as leverage in your case with them.  You may also want to open a BBB compliant to ensure someone follows up with you.  If they fail to do so it will hurt their credit rating.

  3. Realty law center is now homestead law group in Irvine …this company keeps changing names every 6 months so that they have no complaints online..having a professional help you with the modification processs helps but there are too many scams out there..

  4. I deposited $3500.00 into All State Law Group (Realty Law
    Group) trust account on May 13, 2011 to help with a Loan Modification on my
    first mortgage.  I sent all the
    required documents, but I never heard from them.  Once I started calling them I was continually told that they
    had been in contact with my mortgage company, but had not come to an
    agreement.  I continually called
    them and emailed them for updates, but during the entire 7-month process I
    never received one phone call from them with an update.  During multiple conversations with my
    lender, I was informed that All State Law Group had never sent in my financial
    documents.  When I confronted All
    State Law Group they state that my lender was lying in an attempt to get me to
    deal directly with them.  Finally,
    I got in contact with Hope Now, who helped me thru the process of contacting my
    lender and filing the documents, myself. 
    Unfortunately, so much time had elapsed and although eligible for a
    modification my lender had reached their cap on modifications.  I informed All State Law Group that my
    lender was no longer performing modifications and actually used that
    information I provided to them in a subsequent email, acting like they had
    obtained that information themselves. 
    At this time they quit responding to emails and phone calls.  I sent registered letters requesting my
    refund, but got no response.  I
    reached out to my lender requesting all correspondence they had will All State
    Law Group and only the authorization to act on my behalf was ever received on
    6/13/2011, one month after my initial deposit into their trust.  No further communication was made to my
    loan company on my behalf.

    • I know, they cut all comunication. They moved out from Aliso Viejo, cut all comunication from us to start taking peoples money all over, but i did my research and they are located in Whittier, Ca. And i will find their phone number and will give them a little visit..


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