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American Web Loan – White Hills Cash – Vandelier Group – Consumer Complaint – 5-21-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

i applied online to get a loan back in 2011 but never signed anything saying i agreed to accept the loan i actually told them i didnt want the loan after all and they told me its too late we already deposit the funds into your account. How can they just deposit it into my bank account without my consent. Since this has happened it really put me in a bigger debt and it is not right at all and its not right that they have the right fto sell my info to other loan companies and scammers trying to act like lawyers which they arent first of all. So after investigating these companies found out they they were scammers and not real loan companies. Well lets say a lesson learn and found out that these wanna be loan companies are scamming people and getting all their info and then having other peopl call to harrass and threaten people like me. i ask these wanna be loan companies to not call my work and they dont listen. I filed a complaint with the FTC and other legit companies about this scam. My account was closed by my bank cuz of all these loan companies putting me in a bigger debt when i only applied for 1 loan and not 3. I never signed anything they just got my bank info and they did the rest on their own without any of my consent. Ive never got anything from these wanna be loan compaines. They never emailed me or never sent me anything by mail only they called me by ph. They told me that if i dont pay them back that they will sell my info to others and we will make your life hell. Well guess what they have made my life a living hell and i told them well i never wanted these loans and that you cant do that. they laughed and said well we did…. i knew that something wasnt right and i knew by what they said was a lesson learn on my behalf and later they did sell my info to scammer calling me from 1-888-876-0901 and 1-888-826-0901 saying that they are going to come to my house and my work and arrest me saying i made fr audulent check charges when i never did that cause i dont have checks on a debit card. All these people that call and harrass me at work and on my cell is trying to rip me off even more. I wont give them any info of me that they call to request. Also 1-877-636-1353 has been calling me and threatening me and harrassing me at my work and on my cell after i told them to not call my work. they dont listen and they sit here and tell my work everything and make me be the bad person when im not. what can be done. because the loans that got me is American Web Loan and White Hills Cash And Vandelier Group LLc. They are all online loan scammers and they stoled my indentity and my ss# and my bank info and my job info. not cool at all…. something needs to be done….

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Consumer Action Taken:

i called them and told them that they already took out more than what they were suppose to take out and what i was to pay back and they keep harrassing me and threatening me telling me that i still owe. oh okay thats why i am in a whole with my bank account cause of them taking and taking and taking money out of my account. They would take money from my account everyday and i got hit with alot of overdrafts fees due to these people taking money out of my account when they had no right in the first place. Since i found out bout the whole scamming thing i ignore them cause i found out that they are not real companies. and now they are charging me big time fees…. not right at all…. these people should be punished for harrassing and threatening and calling my work when asked not to…. Thank you!

Date This Problem Happened: May 11, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

Company Name: American Web Loan – White Hills Cash – Vandelier Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 877-636-1353

Website of Company:

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  • the same happen to me. I only authorized for two companies in which i repaid fully. This other company, Vandelier, they had also deposited 420 in my checking account i didn’t authorize. I responded to their email letter.  I notified my bank as well.  I would have never borrowed less than $300.  I just recieve a threatening voicemail on my home and cell number.  They are threating to show up to my home.

  • Unauthorized Deposits from Vandelier Group.

    If you are lucky enough not to have spent the money, then this is what you do:
    First, you should have received an e-mail with (name of individual)@ informing you that you have funds deposited into your
    account with a sender e-mail.
    Second, reply to this e-mail that you did not authorize funds to be
    deposited into your account and do “NOT” want the loan processed.
    Third, a phone number is listed at the bottom of the e-mail which in my
    case was 1-866-564-6020. Call this number and follow the prompts that
    lead to your party’s ext. or list by name. Use the name listed in the
    email, which in my case was [email protected], the prompt will ask
    you for the first three letters of the name of the individual in which
    you have to press the numbers on the phone to correlate with the name on
    the e-mail address. Example: [email protected] – marciap = 627.
    The number 627 correlates with the first 3 letters of name marciap. This
    should lead you to a voice mail box. State your name, the last four of
    your Social (don’t give the complete social) and that this was an
    unauthorized deposit and that you left the box unchecked that allows
    information to be shared with 3rd party lenders and they had no right to
    deposit in the first place.
    Fourth, contact your financial institution and open another account and
    transfer all funds into the new account minus the 300.00 (or whatever
    amount was deposited).
    You should receive an e-mail confirming withdrawal of funds, do not let
    the bank return funds on your behalf or the lender will consider the
    loan active. Let them retrieve the funds under their terms.
    Just be sure to have a bank representative present as witness when you
    make your phone call and be sure to find a bank representative to cc on
    any e-mail correspondence.
    This is for the Vandelier Group LLC  which when you call announce themselves as
    Just try to refrain from withdrawing or spending the money and it may work out for you.

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