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Greenleaf Finance Ltd – Consumer Complaint – 5-21-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

Was looking for a loan – next thing I know today greenleaf finance have take a payment of £49.99 do not even know who they are website gone Checked who they are on the web director mathew wilson previous company name British Fish Ltd no idea how this guy got my details but need stopping after reading other experience I never even signed up for any loan

Consumer Action Taken:

I am going to contact my bank as i am worried my details have been passed on or sold to other scammers and write to this individual other than that I am not sure what to do

Date This Problem Happened: May 21, 2012

State You Live in: Cheshire, UK

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £49.99

Company Name: Greenleaf Finance

Company Address:

35 St Pauls Square
United Kingdom

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • Just for all you people who have been scammed out of money by theses fraudsters, please go online and check out the you tube video relating to MATTHEW WILSON/PERSONAL LOAN FINDER, i think this will explain a lot, don’t tear your hair out trying to contact any of the related companies by phone just doesn’t work, contact the bank, change your account number etc, hopefully the bank will refund you. This man is a vile disgusting creature who preys on the less fortunate in society and should be stopped although judging by how many Bogus companies, phone numbers, e-mail addresses he has set up in the last couple of years the System is not working as he continues to spread misery.

  • This company has taken £39.99 from my current acct and I don’t know who they are or how they got my bank details.  Going to canx my debit card now.  Before more money goes missing and report it to my bank.  What can I do?

  • Had my account done 49.99 been to bank they cant help me as if you have been looking for a loan and has entered your details your basicly giving the company a licence to burn your money. been in contact with consumer adivice line 0845404506 very helpful you need to contact the company thats taken the money out of your account yes that one where the number goes onto answering phone. write them a letter (recorded) and givem them x amount of time to credit your acount as you have not authorised this payment and not recieved any money by loan or pay day cash. if not incontact with you you need to involve the finianical obinsman. or take it to the small claims court. you can also contact inforamtion comsumer officer on 03031231113 and alert them of this company or the company you orgiginally delt with as they are breaching the data protection act. and you can also contact your bank if it is a visa debit card the transaction was made with. you need a charge back claim. if they dont give you this claim then they are breaching there terms and conditons as you have not given these companies to debit your card and 2 you have not recieved any loans etc from these companies so there fee is ilegall.
    hope this helps im off to create havoc in my bank

  • My account has been done too £49.99 when you ring the number it goes onto answer phone. called bank cancelled card etc but to claim the money back you have to chase the company as the bank sees it as at some point in last 6 months be it pay day loan or or loan company  you have given your details out and some companys they can sell your details onto other brokers or loan companies and they have the right to debit your account with a fee if the loan is sucessfull or you take the loan out. you have 14 days to dispute. if you have not taken a loan out in which one of these companies find then its fraud as they are taking the money from your account without giving you anything for it.

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