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Connecticut Fox TV Station is Looking for Persels & Associates Consumer to Interview

My name is Beau Berman – I’m an investigative reporter at WTIC TV, the FOX affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut.

We are working on a story about Persels & Associates, which is trying to get the state to let them operate here without a debt negotiation license.

I’m trying to find someone in Connecticut who has used the debt settlement services of Persels & Associates who would be willing to talk about their experience with us on camera.

If there happens to be any way you could help, please let me know.

Thank you,
Beau Berman
[email protected]

If you might be interested in helping this reporter, please reach Ben using the contact information above.

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  • ThomasPNitzsche

    I have located a consumer who contacted us recently after starting with them, but the client is in another state unfortunately.  I will check to see if she and the reporter would agree to a phone interview. 

    Thomas Nitzsche
    ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

    • Steve Rhode


      Thanks for the assist.

  • Still open for business

    thought persels was broke or claimed that after the fines in WA FL and GA sounds like all CT needs to do is use google or read your site to answer the question of allowing persels to operate in their state

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