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Greenleaf Finance Ltd UK – Consumer Complaint – 5-24-2012

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Consumer Statement:

Guys and Gals I was scammed £49.99 21/5/2012 my bank the halifax are going to refund, the banks are getting 100’s of complaints I have also reporoted to fraud police the web is still down I contacted one of the loan companies my details was not passed by them i never even took a loan , you have to close down your cards and bank account your card alone can not stop this in the future the website is down the registrant is not matthew wilson on companies house it is a marty green non uk resident google marty green scam it looks like this might be the same guy who scammed in the us, i have done what my bank said why they investigate if it is him he will continue to open new companies and access your bank in the future, THE BANKS ARE NOW AWARE SO GO BACK IF THEY REFUSED AT FIRST if you need my details on my searches I will be happy to assist

Consumer Action Taken:

You can not this is a scam

Date This Problem Happened: May 21, 2012

State You Live in: Warrington, UK

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £49.99

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Company Name: Greenleaf Finance

Company Address:

35 St Pauls Square
United Kingdom

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • It has happened to me as well and I never apployed for a loan ever how does this happen some one please tell me what is happerning

  • i was scammed by the £49,99 but how do i get in touch with the company to get my money back someone help please

  • i am on the phone to my bank now as it as happened to me. not a happy pearson at all. not even took a loan out .fingers crossed i get it back .

  • i have contacted my bank lloydstsb and they say they wont refund me until i get in touch with greenleaf! i have tried everythin to contact them with no success 🙁 49.99 is too much money to lose when i didnt even use this company! 🙁

    • Hi,

      My bank the halifax have refunded, and are investigating him, I emailed one of the loan companies complaints  that had contacted me even though I did not take a loan, who gave me the name of the company that refered me and confirmed they had never heard of Greenleaf either – I checked companies house the company is registered to a matthew wilson in London it is mail only, I rang one of the other companies in the building who said they had an office but was never there, I checked who registered the wed site which is now offline and it was registered to a marty green non uk resident I told them all this and about this site where people are reporting  on a daily basis as a scam and no one had heard of them. My bank have closed my account and cancelled my card and reissued new, big inconvienience but this is the only way to stop him taking more cash in the future. I have also now had a letter from the halifax confirming the refund and they have contacted his bank to try and resolve the dispute asking them for proof that the transaction was valid. hope this helps will update you if the contact me again.

      • Malpascat – This happened to me in May, £39.99 fraudulantly debited from my account.  Halifax have point blankly refused to help me and have basically told me I’ve given my details out, which I haven’t!  Have you got details of the person you spoke to so I can try to get this sorted out, £40 is a lot of money when you’re on a budget!

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