I Moved Out of the UK and Left Debt Behind. Will I Be Caught at the Border? – Franck

“Dear Jon,

7 years ago, I left an overdraft of 1500 pounds and roughly 500 pounds on my credit card. I moved abroad and worked in different countries. I never heard anything from the bank. The only time I heard from them was the first months after leaving, they were leaving vocal message on my UK phone.

I have an opportunity to work in the UK again and I was wondering if my situtation of opening a new account there is at risk.

I haven’t been back in the UK since, can I still visit the country without being caught at the border?

Can I leave my life normally or will they be after me? Can I rent a flat?

Please, I need your help.



The first thing you may want to do is to review a copy of your credit history in the UK to see what the status of the accounts is at present. They may not even be on your credit history as accounts are to drop off after six (6) years. Also, if your creditors had made no attempt to contact you for over six (6) years, the debts may be statute barred and no longer owed. The issue is if they attempted to contact you, but had no current details to do so once you moved.

Either way, coming back to the UK is not a problem, you will not be stopped or have any issues just due to having left some debts behind.

Opening a bank account and renting a flat will only be an issue depending on what is on your credit history here in the UK and if a bank, or an estate agent or management firm uses credit as a basis to rent a place to live or open an account.

Also in opening a bank account, you may wish to not go to the bank you had the overdraft or credit card with for obvious reasons.

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Let me know how you get on with this and what is on your credit history.



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