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Debt Restructure Group and Next Generation Debt Settlement is a Scam. I Want Revenge. – Joe

“Dear Steve,

Debt Restructure Group, Next Generation Debt, Scam!!!!! Phony addresses, no service, lie, No response. Experiencing almost in exact detail what others have posted about these companies. How can we stop them! I’ve stopped the bleeding but now I want revenge…for the people!


Dear Joe,

I’m not really in the revenge business so I’m not sure what to advise you about that.

But when it comes to people not getting what they paid for from a debt relief company, that’s something I’ve dealt with repeatedly.

I think if you look at any possible resolution as revenge it will cloud your outlook. Ideally what you want is either what was promised to you or you want your money back.

Accomplishing that is not necessarily a one-stop solution. I previously wrote a guide on how to pursue a refund. See How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company. It contains a lot of well founded and good advice. I urge you to follow each step methodically, step-by-step.

Maybe you can post more about your specific situation, including the contact information you have for the companies, and what state you live in.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Steve,
    I have been doing a little research since my post below.  When I first signed up with Debt Restructure Group they had a very professional, elaborate and informational website set up.  It is gone now.  The weird thing though is that their “Debtor Tracker” website is still up and running.

  • Oh my God!  I have been with this same company for almost a year now.  I got a summons two days ago saying I was being sued by one of my creditors.  I  e-mailed copies of the summons to Debt Restructure Group and asked them what I should do.  Part of my agreement with them is that they would provide a lawyer. I also let them know in the e-mail that I wasn’t happy with the way it appears they have been handling things. All they ever did was e-mail me copies of the offer they were (supposedly) sending to the creditor with the offer amount redacted.  If they are indeed a scam I will contact my Lawyer monday morning to get his help (it is Sat. today).  I have printed out all of your advice on how to handle getting a refund from them which I will give to him.  It looks like I am going to have to file for bankruptcy then as I am barely getting by financially.  I have paid them $4,800.00. 
    My question is, apparently although they are a scam in that they are ineffective they appear to still be in business.  If other people have been scammed by them and made complaints to the authorities why are they still in business?  Why haven’t the authorities seized their records and contacted their clients?
    Jim English

  • Steve,
    First, thank you for your timely response!
    I have checked out the link you provided on how to get a refund, and I will take on tedious endevor.
    As for the revenge part, i was typing angry, but would like to see these people go out of business as they are such a fraud it is laughable at times. 
    Let me provide the details of the situation,
    I was in debt, lost my job, had a kid, tightened the reigns and then got a job and there was hope.  Now it was time to take on the ever accumulating debt I had accrued in the year and deal with my problems head on.  After looking into each debt, it was going to take me way to long to get things paid, and meanwhile my credit was trashed, I feared legal action from some companies and unfortunately had a moment of weakness and took a meeting with a family referred debt company.  Small outfit, nice guy, laid out some options, and I chose the Debt Restructure Group.  They were going to pay off my creditors in just a few months of the program, I would continue to pay them directly and my credit woud be cleared up faster than other options, and all for pennies on the dollar.  Long story short…i’m an idiot and realized the error if my ways.
    A few months in, the creditors calls seemed to stop (this was a coincidence), and payments were being drafted and I was assured this is the way it is.  Then the calls picked up from creditors, and when I explained to them that I was working with a 3rd party company and that they should of been contacted, thats when I started scratching my head.  I tried contacting the company, but the only one who you can talk to is a customer service rep or submit your requests through the website.  This would be the website you pay them to use, which is awful and didnt work for the first few months.  Emails were sent and clearly getting back to me with emailed templates.  Then I started digging, called all my creditors, to my surprise not one creditor had been contacted by this company in 5 months, a job that took me 20 minutes to do. 
    Got on the internet and started doing some due diligence, this word being misused, because due diligence is typically done so you can make an informed decision prior to signing a contract.  What I did initially was paid laziness, and now I began looking into what I had gotten myself into. 
    After finding countless threads about this exact company, pretty much describing my experience in exacting detail.  I decided to stop the bleeding, request a refund, close the account that they were accessing and now I want to warn people….DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! 
    I contacted the third party who was collecting payment for them, they gave me some contact info of next generation debt, even though i had signed up for debt restructure group…oh its the same company.  Then I called the customer service lady who forwards all my unanswered messages to the person who never gets back to me and we begin to chat…
    heres a synopsis…After explaining parts of the above she would get my message to someone that can call me back.  She had no supervisor I coud talk to, wouldn’t say the name of the company she worked for which bothered me, just that they were a corporation, she told me I should look at my contract and that canceling payment could be a bad move for me, and then I asked for an address to send certified mail to…This is my favorite part…she puts me on hold for over 5 minutes to get the address and then comes back…
    1234 Main Street, Irvine CA, Ok I say, Suite #, nope of course not.  While this address exists, on google earth, the street view shows its a massive office park.  I guess they own the whole block.  This was also not the same address I got when I initially signed the paperwork and not the same address I was given from the other company (Noteworld, Meracord, DebtorSoftware) whoever does their collections.
    Just wanted to warn people about this poor business who is probably already going through a rebranding and name change as I type this post. 
    Would love to see companies like this and others stopped.  Experience is the best teacher and I will never let something this happen again.  Its best to deal with your creditors directly if they are reasonable. 
    If you have had similar experiences with this company please share.

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