I Have a Really Old Judgment Against Me. When Will it Vanish Off Credit Report?

“Dear Steve,

I had a auto loan in which the car was wrecked a month after I got it thanks to the hubby in Tennessee. The car had no insurance on it to cover it when it was totaled so I was sued when I didn’t continue to make payments and they won by default cause I didn’t show cause and it was in a different state. So they kept continuing to try to collect on the judgment in which it has also accumulated interest over the years and now it has been almost 6 years.

I wanted to know if it will delete off my credit file or not. Transunion states the estimated deletion date is in 2013. So will it delete then or will it still be on my credit til paid off since it is a judgment? There is no way possible that I could afford to pay this at all, but am worried it will haunt me forever. So will it go away on it’s own or will it be there indefinitely until it is paid? If I will have to pay it, what would be a good % point to open a negotiation to settle something like this? Also since it is as old as it is, does it really affect my credit or does it impact my score badly since it is a judgment?”

It is my understanding that a public record entry can remain on your credit report longer than seven years. Of course even if it was removed from the credit report does not mean it may not be collectible.

If you credit score is low at this point I would think it would be less related to the very old judgment and more related to the length of time and number of open accounts that are reporting positive information. Recent good credit can go a long way towards improving your credit score.

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1 thought on “I Have a Really Old Judgment Against Me. When Will it Vanish Off Credit Report?”

  1. Thanks for responding so quickly Steve! Your site is awesome and most helpful. I did read that they can go up to 10 years like you stated. That is where I am confused at because of the estimated deletion dates. Also something else I am confused about is that on my Transunion report, in the “Type” category, it states: “Paid Civil Judgment”. I keep researching these things to try to understand the meaning. Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait it out to see what happens or until I get a bit more educated on it. Right now I am working on some other accounts that are behind so this one is more on the bottom of the stack to worry about. I just wanted to know because I am in hopes of purchasing a home in the next few years and have read that all judgments must be paid in order to get a home. Steve, you give great advice and I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my questions. THANKS A BUNCH =)


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