Consumer Care Law and Mike W. Johnson – Consumer Complaint – 6-5-2012

Consumer Statement:

SCAM ALERT!!! www.CONSUMERCARELAW.com and Mike W. Johnson is a SCAM!! BEWARE!!! I think I received their notice because I missed a couple payments on my mortgage. I called to inquire about their services, and they want money up front for their services from California. After doing research, it looks like they are going against Senate Bill 94. At first someone told me that I would be refunded my money if the modification did not go through. When I called back, the next representative told me that there are no refunds. I requested to speak to the attorney, and they refused to let me. It seems as though these guys are loan officer crooks that put us here in the first place! I shared a lot of personal information with them, now I am concerned. I was advised to contact the attorney General and report them. These people are LIARS! STAY AWAY!! I am trying to get my paperwork back, but they are refusing to mail them back!

Consumer Action Taken:

Each time I call, they give a different address too instead of the one their website

Date This Problem Happened: June 1, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

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Company Name: Consumer Care Law and Mike W. Johnson

Company Address:

26060 Acero #115
Mission Viejo, , CA 92691

Company Telephone Number: 800-429-5844

Website of Company: consumercarelaw.com

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4 thoughts on “Consumer Care Law and Mike W. Johnson – Consumer Complaint – 6-5-2012”

  1. I used Consumer Care Law Group and they saved me 600.00 dollars off of my mortgage. My first payment begins the 1st of July. It only took about 2 months to get the results. I recommend them to anyone trying work with your lender and have been denied before. Their underwriter figured out some of my monthly expenses were too high so he recommended I cancel my cable tv and down grade my cell phone service. I also started car pooling with my co-workers and that cut my gas bill in half. Once I made these changes I was approved ! This is going to allow me to get out of the hole I have been in for the past 3 years. I found this blog because my friend who I just recommended to Consumer Care Law Group was researching this company before he moved forward. What is being said on this blog is just plain wrong !!! This Law Frim saved my house and made my mortgage affordable!!! I was turned down 4 times before I came across them. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BEFORE YOU READ IT!!!.

  2. I am a bit luckier because I felt there is something wrong because they told me I wet on their web site and  asked for help and I had not. But in any case they even agreed to put it in writing that I will be refunded my money if they cannot get modification for me. I was told by a friend who is in legal work that this is wrong as they could get a modification with 1000% intrest rate and then they claim they got the modification which is of no use. I challenged them and they basically added a phrase I provided that the interest rate would be favorable. I knew this is wrong when I saw an attorney is using the verbiage I am providing! They maybe good but I would not take a risk personally.



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