Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 6-5-2012

Consumer Statement:

i have been paying Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC over two years to represent me. Creditors of large debts claim Legal Helpers did not respond to them or make any offers. Discover was able to go have a court date, without my knowledge, sue me and because i did not know about it I was unable to respond and they did not respond on my behalf. The law firm said they could do this because legal helpers was representing me. i now have a judgement against me and now they have made an offer to Discover but for almost the entire amount that I owed. When the lawyers called me months after the judgement they said if I would drop Legal Helpers they would offer me a settlement but would have to get back to me. Legal Helpers then contacted Discover to make arrangements to settle. I will saving a little less than 10%.

They were unreachable and very unresponsive. they did not do anything except collect the almost $3,000.00 fee upfront and then collect $50.00 a month on top of that to do nothing. They made my situation worst than if I had worked with the creditor. I would have settled for less with Discover and would not have this lawsuit.

Consumer Action Taken:

I contacted them over and over for assistance and followup. I got excuses such as we just moved and don’t have our records together for over two months. Someone will call you for about 4 months with no call backs. They even told me that they did not have to settle anything as I was in a three year plan and they had three years to settle with the creditors.

Date This Problem Happened: November 6, 2011

State You Live in: New Jersey

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $4,500

Company Name: Legal Helpers Debt Resolution

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Company Address:

233 S. Wacker Dr
Suite 4900
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Company Telephone Number: 800-464-9564

Website of Company:

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  1. from Gary W. Leavine Acct.: #09154556
    Today I noticed on my statement that I was billed two payments of $558.99 and I had spoke with inhouse last week in regards of not having any payments taken out in two months.  They said they would only take out one payment as of June 1st, because I only had enough money for one payment in June.  Now there is not enough money in my account to cover this.  For some reason they did not take out two payments April and May and they told me they would only charge me only one payment for   June.  I am very unhappy with this, since I already wrote my monthly bills and sent them out and they may bounce.  If there is anything you can do to reverse that one payment, it would correct this matter.  There is no way I can afford double payments, since I am on a fixed income.  Call me asap at 518-593-2776.   Gary W. Leavine


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