How Do I Get My Wife Removed From Our Judgment?

“Dear Steve,

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My wife and I were married in Kansas . The next year I became sick and went to the hospital the bill was way beyond our ability to pay. A judgement has been placed in both our names. She did not sign any document with the hospital that states that she was liable to pay the bill. I did not have insurance. We now live in KY and our trying to get a house but because this judgement has her name linked to it we are unable to use her credit to get a pre-approval. I want to know if there is a way to get her name removed from the judgement or some way for me to claim solo bankruptcy and get this taken care of.

What options do I have to get my wife removed from this judgement and keep her credit in tacked.”

OK, so here’s what I would suggest doing. If you know the court the case was filed against you, call the court house and get a copy of the case. It would be very helpful to better understand how your wife got named in this if you alone were the patient.

She might be named on the judgment correctly and in that case you’d be able to get her removed by satisfying the judgment.

You should also feel free to consult with a local consumer advocate attorney in your area for specific legal advice.

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