Scott Law Group Updates Debt Settlement Companies They’ve Filed Against

The Scott Law Group is very active in suing debt settlement companies in the State of Washington. Their litigation page now lists 59 debt settlement companies or related entities in active litigation. – Source

They have recently added the following companies to their active litigation page.

Debt Pay Gateway, Inc.
Debt Pay, Inc.
Fidelity Debt Solutions, LLC
Global Debt Management, LLC
Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight, LLP
Lloyd Ward, PC
Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC
Nelson Gamble & Associates, LLC
SilverLeaf Debt Solutions, LLC
The Lloyd Ward Group, PC

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2 thoughts on “Scott Law Group Updates Debt Settlement Companies They’ve Filed Against”

  1. I cancelled, fired Debt Pay Gateway & Alleviate both them on Nov 15, 2021. They took a total of $6169.30 since Jan 2021 to help resolve my creditors. Which they only used $2779.15 towards creditors, the rest Alleviate kept! That I take full responsibility for believing them and their lies. But this is what I am very upset with I had $1262.38 in my Gateway custodial account Alleviate had me set up so they could pay my creditors. AFTER I closed Gateway and fired Alleviate they took that money from me, all $1262.38 when my account was CLOSED! They no longer had Power of Attorney and Gateway had no business letting them take my money and Alleviate had no business taking my money! I want that money back what can I do.


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