I Have a Judgment Against Me. Can I Still Buy a Home? – Cindy

i have a judgement but want to buy a home .can i ?

i have a judgement against me but it doesnt show up on my credit report .can i still buy a home/

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5 thoughts on “I Have a Judgment Against Me. Can I Still Buy a Home? – Cindy”

  1. Of course I found this site just after it was posted that individual questions would no longer be answered for a while but am hoping that you catch this one as Im clueless as to where else to turn.. Im in a similar situation to Cindy but with a twist.. Long story short: about 5 years ago we got our first mortgage (FHA loan) and then did a loan modification about a year ago. Now I have a debt collector who says I have an open judgement from BEFORE my first mortgage… I can not find any paperwork to prove I paid it even though I know my mortgage broker made us pay off everything for it to go through (but it was paid by a loan from my boss who paid it himself and has since disappeared so I have NO proof of that payment). They now have a judgement and are trying to take my wages. I do have years worth of credit reports showing the debt being reported there (prior to the mortgage) and then gone from my CR after the mortgage… but this is all I have to say/prove/show that I paid it off. Any ideas how I can fight this further before they take my wages? Would it even be possible for me to have NOT paid it back when I was paying everything else somehow yet my two mortgage still went through? I have no issues admitting I was wrong IF one was not paid but my feeling is that it HAD to have been paid. Am I wrong?


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