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Consumer Statement:

I needed a loan and heard the ad about wefixmoney.com. I started receiving all types of calls even at my employer office. I went with this company American web loan. They never told me I was going to be charged that $120.00 every payweek on a $400.00 loan. The check cashing would not have charged me that much.

Then when I tried to finally get out of it I made arrangements with then to avoid paying a fee the send the an unauthorized amount of payment to my account. The agreement was a partical payment but they sent $400.00 to my account causing an overdraft. I going to tell everybody I know about this.

Consumer Action Taken:

I call the company and explain what happened they began to tell me how I could pay the loan off on the 16th of June which is when they will charge me another $120.00. I faxed then my account info yesterday and called back today they sent me to a voicemail. They told me I was speaking to s superviser yesterday who would refund the overdraft and allow me to payoff the loan without paying additional fee. At this point I don’t even believe I spoke to s superviser. I’ve paid double the money on a 400.00 loan.

If you are reading this DON’T DO BUSINESS WIth THIS COMPANY@!!!

Date This Problem Happened: June 1, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $580

Company Name: WeFixMoney.com – American Web Loan

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: wefixmoney.com


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4 thoughts on “We Fix Money – American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint –”

  1. I attempted to make a loan online and they never even told me how much I’d be getting they just told me I’d be paying 75.00 every pay period and all together I’d pay back almost 4,000 so instead I tried calling the 888 number and the woman that took my call refused to answer my question she was only concerned with getting me to complete the application and when I told her that she hung up on me.. I dialed back twice but my guess is they can trace my number and they kept hanging up on me.. I honestly believe this “wefixmoney.com” is a fraud and a scam just to get people into a loan that they possibly won’t be able to vet out of…

  2. This is the WeFixMoney.com customer care division and we are shocked to see this comment.  In fact, we have never been contacted directly about the alleged issue that is stated above.  We take extra steps to ensure the best possible customer service and always get back to any customer that may have an issue with their lender.  I would urge this particular customer, who is not named above, to reach out directly to info@wefixmoney.com   


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