I Was Working in the UAE But Medical Issues Caused Me to Stop Paying. – Gijo

“Dear Jon,

I was working in UAE for 2 years from 2007 to 2009 and i left uae without cancelling my visa and i had credit card and bank loan. I got another job in GCC soon and i was repaying loan and creditcard. Suddenly my baby had some medical issues and my repayment stopped. Loan was 21000.00 and credit card was 7000.000 I have not paid money for last 2 years. Now i have job offer from my prevoious employer from UAE. I want to repay my dues now. The credit card is almost 27000.00 now and bank loan details not in my netbanking. Now is tere any possibility to get settlemet with banks to cut the financial charges and fines? and if i pay all money any issues with visa? and is it possible to get new employment visa by the prevois employer

is it possible to get new job after paying debts- bank already filed case in dubai from another country?



It appears you are basically asking two separate questions, that have a slight overlap; one is with obtaining another Visa, and the other question is the settling of the debts you have.

Have you been contacted or in contact with the banks in question? Do you know the status of the loans?

From what I know, if the debts were all paid or settled, there should be no issue with obtaining a Visa, and to my knowledge for many Visa’s in many countries, debt issues are not a hindrance in obtaining a Visa. But the Immigration laws change regularly, so it is always best to contact the person or company sponsoring you for the Visa and/or Immigration for that country.

As for settling the debts, this may be a possibility, but it will be up to the bank or creditor you owe as to if they will entertain this notion.

If a warrant has already been issued for the debts, they may be less likely to want to settle, and my knowledge of debts being settled in certain countries is it can be difficult. But it is always worth the effort to try.

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You can contact the banks you owe to inquire as to the status of the loan(s) and also if they would consider settling the debt for less than what is owed. Or have them waive the finance charges they have assessed over the two years.

If they agree, they may want to be paid in a lump sum; say settling 7,000 for 4,000, but they want the money in one payment. Do you have the money to do this?

If you don’t have the funds to do this, then you can see if they will accept payments. They may accept the settled amount in 2 or 3 large payments, but in most instances they want to try and get the money from you as quickly as possible.

Contact the banks and let me know how you get on.


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