World Law Group / Global Client Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012

Consumer Statement:

Was I scammed? Three words: Global Client Solutions.

… Or “World Law Group”, as they’ve been calling themselves as they’ve ripped me off for THOUSANDS of dollars, while at the same time operating so ineptly as to force me into bankruptcy (long story).

I really just have a question for you: Do you know of any class action law suits that are currently underway against this company? I’d like in on one…

Consumer Action Taken:

Dozens and dozens of phone calls and e-mails over several months.

Date This Problem Happened: January 1, 2012

State You Live in: Arizona

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $12,000

Company Name: World Law Group / Global Client Solutions

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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2 thoughts on “World Law Group / Global Client Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012”

  1. What I forgot to mention in my first post;…our creditors never received letters from World Law Group….only my copies;;.which means that World Law Group used those letters addressed to my creditors for the purpose of deception.

  2. My husband and I signed with World Law Group….After they had made three withdrawals from our account totaling $1248.00 we decided to question when and how our creditors would be contacted. They emailed me copies of the letters, each addressed to our creditors; Since I had no proof these letters were actually mailed I decided to print them out and mail them directly. Shortly after each creditor contacted me and made settlement offers. They also added that they WILL NOT allow an agency such as this to act on our behalf, they will flat out refuse. World Law never informed us this could happen. Once of our creditors was Citibank and the other two were Chase; You cannot tell me they did not know this beforehand; We cancelled World Law Group but they did not return any of our money; They did nothing but collect money and make empty promises. We were able to settle our accounts, and keep our credit. Since we did run at 90 days late which World Law only implies you should do but won’t put that in writing; In time we have a chance to build our credit number up.;.and on our terms. If you use this service you are giving your money away.


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