Finra Dispute Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012

Consumer Statement:

Filled a Misconduct case against a local Financial Planner
With Finra Dispute Resolution back in 10/05/2007 paid
$425.00 Case # 07-02834. The claiment has not requested a
formal hearing of this matter wich meant the ” Gehrking”s”
On March 12,2008 a letter From Hollace Steele Case Assistant 1 of Finra stating Pursuaant to Rule 2130 the
arbitrator has requested a phone conference reguarding our
X Broker William Prichards request for expungement. We called
the office of Finra and asked if we needed to have council. We were told we did not need council. A date was
set for the phone conference call for April 2,2008. When
the call came in on this date on the phone was the
arbitrator P.J. Boylan, William Pritchard our X broker and his
lawyer and of course us my wife & I. We had asked for
a Simplified Arrbitration,paper work only, no hearing. The
lawyer and Mr, Pritchard were both making comments as to why we were wrong in bringing this case to Finra. The Financial Planner was telling how he had handled our finances. But in fact he was buying an selling our stocks
so he could make money. Which he did after makin 33 trades. We lost and he gained.At this point in the conference call I asked why he had his lawyer on this call and why they were talking about how he handled our finances and why he had council and we were told we didn’T need any council
This call was for one reason only and that was for Mr.
Pritchards Expungement, which meant thi would not go on his
record. It was denied Any way. The rule 2130 was not
followed by the Arbitrator. We asked For Aprox. $35.000.00 for damages in this Case Got $250.00
Finra does not answer to NoBody. We aske for a Transcript
had it put Lost It??

Consumer Action Taken:

I did file Question Section about the Arbitrator.
Wrote letters to maney people in Finra.
Contaced Ron Kind. our Rep. From Wi.
State US Senator Russ Feingold
Us Security Div.
Got Same Comments Nothing.

Date This Problem Happened: April 2, 2008

State You Live in: Wisconsin

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $35,000

Company Name: Finra Dispute Resolution

Company Address:

One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway
27th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Company Telephone Number: 212-858-4200

Website of Company: finra.org

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1 thought on “Finra Dispute Resolution – Consumer Complaint – 6-12-2012”

  1. FINRA is a gatekeeper for the large Wall Street investment banks.  They serve their Corporate Masters, against the interests and protections of the common investor.  I have had a similar experience where they lied about the completeness of my Claim, in order to prevent the Claim from being arbitrated.  The entire staff acted in Conspiracy to obstruct Perfromance on the Complaints.  It is active fraud.


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