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I Forgot to Pay Taxes on Wages When I Was Younger. – Sherry

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when i was young, i didn’t know that i was supposed to report wages earned, and not until i was about 25 did i start to report income tax.

can i still collect income tax money on the wages i didn’t report with the irs? if so how do i go about doing that?


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  • I think you should contact the IRS to find out for sure what it is you need to do. I’ve had to contact them in the past about back taxes and was scared to death to do so but they were very understanding. Once I submitted the back taxes, it ended up that I did owe some but they set up a montly payment plan with me.

  • I’m not an accountant but I do think you can go back only 3 years and file your returns as usual  a change to a return would be a amended return but you can only go back 3 years with that as well.

  • Hi Sherry,

    You may or may not have filed in those early years! Whether or not you will need to pay taxes depends on a couple of things. For most of my life, if you made UNDER a certain amount of money, and were NOT claimed on anyone else’s return (independent), you did not even have to file. I am not sure when that changed, but it has… So any years you fit into that category will be no issue. But what was the income cut-off in those years? That’s been changing too. So how will you know? I.R.S.

    I would like to recommend that you write out a page with 3 columns: the years you worked, whether you were independent those years (if not claimed on your parents’ return), and how much you made, even if it’s just an estimate. If you have no exact wages records, you can get the info from the IRS. Then – yep, call the IRS. Tell them you may have back-taxes from when you were younger and are not even sure you filed. The good thing is, there’s a limit to the fees you can owe, and the IRS will give you a  payment plan, so don’t panic. Ask them to confirm or inform you those years’ wages, depending whether you have the data or not, and ask them if you owe anything for those years. They have it at their fingertips these days. Good luck!

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