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Annlle Bojorquez, Annel Bojorquez – Consumer Complaint – 6-13-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I recently had a inquiry from a young lady named Ariel Bojorquez about renting one of my rental units in Costa Mesa Ca she was very nice and curtious after she signed my per rental agreement I asked for a back ground check and credit report.

When I requested her information and a copy of her license and social security card she became very hostile and nasty. She had used a false name on her rental application and provided false bank stemsnts from wells Fargo bank along with a falsified credit report. I asked repetidly that she be honest about her intentions after running a back ground check and credit check Witt the social provided we came to discover this woman had a violent past and had been moving around every year and had a bad past. We noticed on her back ground check that she was being investigated for some very serious crimes. Ms.Bojorquez wrote me a check from a closed account from bank of America 2400.00 and provided very limited information on who she was until I looked her up on the Internet should anyone come in contact with her do not rent to her she uses false names and information. Since I agreed torrent her the apartment we lost other good tenants and now Ms. Bojorquez is threatening a law suit for discrimination because she is a Hispanic woman and needed low income housing I have never met a person who has a lower class of integrity and honesty.

Annel Bojorquez 714-329-0787
10/23/1979 Hispanic Female

Consumer Action Taken:

We have tried to reach Ms.Bojorquez to recover the bad check fees totaling 75.00 and she agreed to a 500.00 security deposit that was separate and was written from a Wells Fargo account and was returned NSF along with a 35.00 fee and she agreed to pay us and will not return calls. she had a lawyer call my wife and he made threats that his client was not going to pay the fees and tried to say it was her sister not her well that was not true ans we are now out 110.00 in bank fees and could have found a honest renter not someone who lies about there name and information.

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Date This Problem Happened: May 9, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Annlle Bojorquez, Annel Bojorquez

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • Very interesting this young lady came by a condominium I’m renting she was her last weekend with some guy in a white Mercedes she was very odd and did not like me asking questions about were she is living now. We wanted to verify that she had been renting and just provided a very vage story I was not comfortable renting to her I sensed something was wrong. I had some time this morning and researched her the things I have read are not to enlightening and we are not renting to Annelle Bojorquez or her boy friend this guy would not even come meet us or introduce himself very strange behavior.

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