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Mystery Shopper – Consumer Complaint – 6-13-2012

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Consumer Statement:

I was on the internet, responded to a Mystery Shopper e-mail , They sent me a money order for 975.00 and then a check for 1890.00, Both were bad, but did look good, So they wanted me to go to western union and evaluate their service, and wire the money minus my fee to another mystery shopper get my next assignment and make 1000.00 a week ! so I was to deduct my fee 500.00 , well by now I knew this was a scam, There scam is they send you the fake check hoping you will get excited and go wire the money before the check clears, or they hope some dumb check cashing place will actually cash the bad check or not detect the fake money order,making you a party to a crime. They even gave me a deadline of today to complete my assignment knowing the check want clear and stealing money. I told them when their check cleared I would complete the assignment, being a bored retiree I played with her or them via e-mail. After 27 years in Law Enforcement I knew this was a scam. Haven’t heard anything else from them.

Consumer Action Taken:

I never sustained any loss , However folks like this should be punished because a lot of folks are hurting out here and these scum scam artist rip them off, especially old and less educated folks looking for hope of earning a living or at least make enough to eat. The name I was given was Erin Maloney, ( get it Money from Al ) Maloney , A manhattan NY phone number 646-580-9329 which is probably a throw away cell, This is pretty heavy on the internet They are working it hard. Return Addresses on mail was Norfork State University 700 Park Avenue Norfork Va 23504, and Dana Lynn McGinn 207 Bills Ln Mayport PA 16240-4705 probably fake too.

Date This Problem Happened: June 11, 2012

State You Live in: Alabama

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Race/Ethnicity: American Indian

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Erin Maloney

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • I to was emailed and text editor about this secret shopper crap… I played along in the beginning because I have seen legit companies that hire people to give feedback on how their employees are doing… I gave the info they requested though I didn’t use my legal name and I used my mailing address not my physical… But as soon as the first assignment came up as a wireless money to so and so I knew it was a fake… What can or do I need to do to help stop this crap from happening.

  • I also received info from Erin Maloney.  it said to email her at [email protected]ailshopper:twitter .biz, after I completed the Western Union transaction.  I received a check from Billet Design Motorsports, Pompano Beach, Florida for $2385.  I am to keep $300 and western union the rest to Terry Moore, 1620 Colfax Street, Denver, CO  80239.  Now the check and “assignment packet” was mailed USPS to me from Bonnie J. Carpenter, 259 6th Street, Gold Bar, Wa 98251.
    Why would a company in Florida mail a check to me from Washington State and ask me to western union $2000 to someone in Colorado.  And I live in Illinois.  I also keep getting text messages from two different numbers 786-548-1063 this is a miami, fl area code (sprint #) and today from 703-634-9648 which is a Triangle, VA area code (Verizon #)  both supposedly from Erin.  I’m not working right now and would love for $2,385 to just fall from the sky…but i’m broke, not stupid!

    • OMG…I am Bonnie Carpenter in Gold Bar…(guess it’s public record anyway so what’s it matter putting it on here at this point). My credit card numbers were stolen and used on July 6th. Some of the charges were for Click N Ship, at for which they gave my correct home address. Today, the 16th, I received an envelope with my name as both the recipient and the sender and underneath the label I could see a Click N Ship label. I peeled it off, and it said that I mailed something to a Renee Johnson at 1422 Stacy Dr Canton MI 48188. I immediately knew it was all part of the same scam and called the bank fraud unit and the postal inspectors. The check I got was made out to Renee Johnson too, so I think these bozos are starting to get their wires crossed. Anyway, everything’s getting sent to the postal inspectors soon and hopefully they can figure it all out. I just got on here to see what I could find by running these numbers and was checking out these addresses on tax assessor’s sites to see if I could find who receives mail at these addresses. May be calling the postmaster’s of these towns tomorrow from work (ironically enough I work for the USPS), and have more info for you then.

      • Also, I was supposed to do a Secret Shopper thing for Western Union, keep 300.00 and send the rest to Terry Moore at 1620 Colfax St Denver CO 80239 and then email all the supposed “secret shopper info” to [email protected]. The check I got was also from a Billet Design Motorsports, Inc. in Pompano Beach FL, but I can tell it’s not a real check. I says Warning: this document has security features in the paper, but there quite obviously are none.

    • Just received my second letter and check today, July 20th. Exact same letter and check, with the exception that this check is made out to a Richard J Seymour, Jr. It appears to be signed by the same person who signed the first one. I will be sending this to the Postal Inspector’s as well. Hope this helps them catch these morons!!

  • I agree that something needs to be done to stop these mystery shopping scams.  So many people just don’t have the knowledge to know that these are scams and end up doing the mystery shopping jobs in hopes of making some money.  Only to find out that they are getting punked and will be out whatever money they wired to the fraud.

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