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If you are struggling with debt and wondering if a bankruptcy filing might be a good option, you should consult with a Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney sooner rather than later. If you do a quick Google search, you will find an overwhelming number of bankruptcy attorneys in the area. So where do you even start?

Obviously experience matters, their fees might be a consideration, but in my opinion what you really need is someone who is more focused on trying to solve your problem than they are in selling you bankruptcy.

The purpose of meeting with a Bankruptcy attorney in Philadelphia is to review your situation and figure out how to best resolve it. If an attorney has their mind made up that you should file for bankruptcy before they really know the details of your circumstances, then you might want to seek a second opinion before pulling the trigger.

The Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney
Kim Coleman

Kim Coleman is a founding partner at the law firm of Coleman and Kempinski. She is an accomplished bankruptcy attorney in Philadelphia with wide and varied experience, including commercial and consumer bankruptcy proceedings.  She focuses her practice on representing debtors in consumer bankruptcy proceedings and debtor’s rights cases.  She has more than nineteen years of bankruptcy experience, five years prior to and during law school as a paralegal, and more than fourteen years as a licensed attorney.

Kim moved to Philadelphia in late 2008 and immediately began representing consumers in bankruptcy proceedings.  Most recently she worked for Halprin Law in South Philly, a firm dedicated to debtors’ rights.  Prior to moving to Philadelphia, Kim worked as a consumer bankruptcy attorney in the Middle District of Pennsylvania with John Neblett, a certified consumer bankruptcy attorney.

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11 Reasons to chose Coleman and Kempinski – From their website…

  2. We are Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyers who have more than 20 years experience combined of helping individuals and businesses get through difficult financial times.
  3. We are compassionate about our clients.
  4. We are easy and pleasant to talk to (just see what our clients have to say!).
  5. When you call, you get to talk to an attorney, not a receptionist or paralegal.
  6. Our fees are reasonable and competitive.
  7. We advise you on your whole financial outlook, including rebuilding your credit..
  8. We have FREE PARKING right outside our front door.
  9. Our office is only 2 blocks from Girard Station and the trolley stops in front of it.
  10. We are less than a block away from a famous statue of Don Quixote.
  11. Bankruptcy Attorney Ray Kempinski is tough enough to finish the Tough Mudder and will fight tough for you!
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To gain some insight to whether or not Kim would likely be a great Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney for you to speak with, we should see what a few of her former clients think about their experience.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

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I was facing a lawsuit for a credit card debt and I am thankful that I found Coleman & Kempinski. I worked with Kimberly and was very satisfied with her expertise, accessibility and sympathetic manner. Many law firms have answering services that take their calls and you don’t get to speak to an actual attorney until you are in their office. I was able to pick up the phone and speak directly with Kimberly and immediately discuss my situation. This was particularly important because I was in a serious time crunch. When I did go into their office I didn’t need to spend $20 at a Center City parking garage, I just parked outside their office in Northern Liberties in a free parking space! Once inside their stylish new office I felt like I was treated compassionately and most importantly Kimberly’s advice empowered me to negotiate my debt down by 35%, a major savings! I would highly recommend Coleman & Kempinski if you are facing any legal financial issues.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Knowing that these are really difficult times for everybody, I still was not anxious to consider bankruptcy. I phoned and spoke to Kim at length who asked some questions and used both ears to listen! Working with Kim was a real pleasure. Easy to get a hold of, and if left messages she always returned the call. As a former Colonel from MASH used to say, “There’s not enough O’s in Smooth!” Kim made the entire process painless! Call her with questions.
Tony B – a week ago
So, a bankruptcy attorney isn’t somewhere you ever want to go. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Well, working with Kim Coleman was perfectly smooth all the way. I had the feeling that I was doing something positive, and a year later I still do. Kim still answers my calls for tips about getting back on track. Just have questions to see if bankruptcy is for you? That’s how I started, and I’m happy to write a review for this small independent Philly company.

Meeting With the Right Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney Is Important

Philadelphia Bankruptcy AttorneysAs a consumer in debt, you will find it difficult to get honest information about the bankruptcy process from programs that sell alternative debt relief programs. You will hear things like bankruptcy will ruin your life, your credit, your job prospects, and your ability to even rent a place to live. Unfortunately most of what you hear about bankruptcy just isn’t true. Bankruptcy is certainly not the answer for all situations, but the only way to know for sure is to ask a Philadelphia bankruptcy Attorney to review your situation and explain how a bankruptcy filing would look for you.

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