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We’ve Got Some Debt and Can’t Afford to Buy a House. – Ross


“Dear Steve,

10,000–sallie mae, 12,000–car (pentagon federal) we cant afford a house…still renting with large family.

Uh, I’ll be honest…I thought I had a question, but after looking at many of your other reader questions, I see that I actually have it pretty good. Your website has made me feel better, although I feel bad for the others. All the best to you, and much luck in continuing your great service.


Dear Ross,

I know the private student loans are painful. If they were government backed loans you’d have some options.

It sounds like you are digging your way out of debt, albeit slower than you’d prefer.

If you are looking for a free service to help you on your debt free journey, consider looking at as a way to tack and measure your debt free progress.

While the numerical value of your debt is lower than compared to others the real measure if the impact it has on your life. Financial problems are either solved by increasing income, reducing expenses, or a combination of the both.

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Big Hug!
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